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Best Motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti

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The launch of the RTX 2080 Ti gave birth to a technological miracle, as the GPU became the world’s first ray-tracing GPU. While success has since been recorded across diverse fields and other areas, there is no gainsaying that this GPU broke the jinx. 

For a GPU of this kind, finding the right motherboard for its smooth operations and use is a task that is worth every energy expended on it. You will enjoy up to 60FPS on a 4k gaming resolution, while the features are quite mouth-watering to mention. So if you have wondered what motherboard will work with it. 

Here are the 3 best motherboards you can pair with your RTX 2080 Ti to enjoy the best offerings and take your share of this great computing excellence. 

Our Picks Of Top Three Best motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti


Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero 

Great Performance Motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti

The good-looking and sturdy appearance of the ASUS Rog Maximus XI Hero motherboard is one feature you cannot help but admire, this motherboard is amazingly packed for the eyes. You could easily wish it was not covered up after your components are packed in. 

The motherboard supports Intel 1151 socket and it does amazing work running on the 8th and 9th generations of processors. You are certainly in for a big run with this processor and it is quite excellent by all means.

We are sure you love the RGB lighting and this motherboard comes equipped with RGB. 

The BIOS everything and amazing overlooking abilities of this motherboard rank next on the list of features to look out for. It will serve your long hours of screen gaming sessions, and the onboard Wi-Fi support allows for connections just where you need it most. 

The motherboard has 4 DIMM memory slots, giving you an amazing 4400MHz speed, this is a beast in the field and it will surely serve you for the years to come. The motherboard puppets both SLI and crossfire technology, and it means you will have a great line of options here. 

You get 64GB max memory, and 6 SATA II ports, adding to the 2 M.2 slots and 6 Pcle slots to go with. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Fantastic overclocking support 
  • Great performance 
  • 4400MHz speed 


  • Cost 
  • Poor sound drivers 

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Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7

Excellent Bios Motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti


Just like the Asus series, the Gigabyte motherboards are a known brand when it comes to computer accessories and they have retained this spot for years. Constantly putting out accessories and products that work and win the heart of users at all times. 

The Z370 is one of such amazing flagship products from the gigabyte family, it has an exciting overclocking ability coupled with a bunch of high-end features that comes good, the motherboard works great for enthusiasts and premium builders alike.

The 128GB max memory support makes this motherboard a great buy, while the availability of 4 DDR4 DIMM slots gives this motherboard a place of pride on this list as it comes in handy, where speed is of the sense and you are willing to pay just a little over the board for it. 

The 4133MHz overclock speed adds to the many features that make this motherboard a great buy, regardless of your requirements of what a good motherboard should get, you will end up with a powerful machine when you choose this motherboard. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Excellent BIOS design 
  • Triple M.2 slots 
  • 4133MHz OC speed 


  • Cost 
  • Doesn’t work great for none overclockers

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MSI B450 Tomahawk 

Six Fan Connector Support Motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti

MSI has got a deserving place on this list, and the B450 Tomahawk is a fine piece of motherboard that fits squarely into the box for your RTX 2080 Ti. It works just fine and it is great for everyday use, it is interestingly smooth and the build is quite amazing. 

It works great with AMD processors and it poses no compatibility issues when paired with the Ti video card. The fantastic BIOS and amazingly unique UI with an excellent flash button that is easy to navigate, all add to the list of amazing features that this motherboard is equipped with. 

An interesting aspect of the motherboard is the heat sink, the military-styled heatsink makes great for a cooling advantage that is enjoyed on this motherboard. It comes with metal armor that protects your VGA cards from bending, everything is kept in its space. 

There are 4 DDR4 memory slots to go with, and a fine 128GB storage that gives you adequate resistance for everything. The 3366MHz speed leaves room for more, however, the impressive audio support makes up for any shortcoming and it supports overclocking. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Simple design
  • Six fan connectors 
  • Cheap 


  • Absence of secondary M.2
  • Absence of independent controls for RGP headers 

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Building the best computer for your needs is a task that requires prudence and wise judgment, the choice of your motherboard is one of such wise decisions you must make. Where you already have the GPU to go with, getting a motherboard that will not pose compatibility issues, is a great option. 

The ASUS Rog Maximus is our undisputed best pick for this category, as it comes equipped with a nice 4400MHz speed that will fit perfectly well with your processing needs.

You will have a great deal of support when you opt for the ASUS Rog Maximus motherboard. Check for other motherboards on Amazon

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