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Best Ram For AMD Ryzen Threadripper 

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When it comes to optimal processor performance, the thread ripper series ranks top of the list as the finest deployment of engineering and technology all in one. They are simply the best processors to go with and if you ever lay your hand on them, you know on the instant that this is huge. 

For instance, a look at the features of the thread ripper 3960 shows a massive 24 cores and 48 threads. This is insanely wonderful and you are sure you cannot have any computing operations that can dwarf this massive offering from the Ryzen Thread Ripper. This is just the tip of the iceberg, by the way. 

So if you are wondering what RAM will fit your thread ripper processors, we have got the finest collections of what works in this list. 

Our Pick Of Top Three Best Ram For Ryzen Threadripper 

G.Skill Trident Z 

Overclocking Ram For Ryzen Threadripper


A powerful processor like the thread ripper 3960 will require one of its kind rams to match the massive offerings it has got and this is where the G.Skill Trident Z wins it. It is built for this marriage, working so well with the beast-like processors and giving you that performance you can kill for. 

It comes with DDR4 storage, ensuring speed is never a concern when you transfer your heavy data files in-between devices and when you load those CPU-intensive games at a go. You can do anything from playing your games to rendering and of course programming on this ram.

The 16GB storage could be more, however, considering the powerful processor it has been paired with, this is not a concern to be worried about. You will enjoy 3200MHz speed, as you take on your computing tasks with ease and comfort that will thrill your viewers. 

The LED lighting on this ram is quite amazing, and if there is a thing you cannot deny about this RAM then it will be the design. It is just it, elegant and compact, packaged in a fine body for all to see. The heat distribution here is top-notch and the overclocking potentials of this ram make up for an impressive list of fine things to die for. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Fantastic design 
  • Great performance 
  • Overclocking potential 


  • Works best with Intel’s motherboards 
  • Cost 

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V-Color Prism 

Reliable Ram For Ryzen Threadripper


The V-color prism is one ram that is just there, in between a pocket-friendly price and supreme performance. The ram hits the points and works the magic, just where and when you will need it and this adds up to the list of great things you should admire about your ram.

The build comes with impeccable aesthetics that is second to none, and this adds up to the reasons why this ram is on-demand all the time. The DDR4 storage will ensure your computing operations are never disturbed for any reason whatsoever on the earth. 

It comes with an impressive 16GB of storage to load your programs and games with smooth ease, while the 3200MHz speed is surely going to give you adequate speed to play your games or run those heavy-duty programs without glitches of any sort. You are surely on a cruise level here!

The 256 RGB lighting zones and the availability of fusion 2.0 and Aura to synchronize your computing operations make this ram a goal for everyone. You also ensure adequate overclocking support, and multi-area lighting to do everything you will want. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Reliable performance 
  • Aesthetics excellence 
  • Durable build 


  • Cost 
  • Overheats on heavy usage 

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Corsair Vengeance LPX

Durable Ram For Ryzen Threadripper


The vengeance series from Corsair is gaining ground now and then and they are becoming increasingly popular in the market today as a brand to be reckoned with. The engineering masterclass seen in these rams is mind-blowing and worth every dollar bill spent on it. 

The LPX is our pick for this review and just like the many other products from the brand, this ram shows nothing short of the excellence that is required of it. It comes with an aluminum heat spreader, so that your computer is in perfect shape, regardless of the operations you are throwing at it. 

There is a fine overclocking headroom that ensures everything you need comes in handy, and if you want to increase your operating powers then overclocking your ram and CPU is made possible here. You enjoy the PCB availability for your thermal control and on top of the list is the low power consumption feature. 

The price is not overboard, and since you are looking for something great enough to pair your powerful thread ripper processors, this ram will do the work with ease. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Great overclocking potential 
  • Durability 
  • Fantastic use 


  • No RGB lighting

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When it comes to buying your best ram for a CPU as the thread ripper series you certainly don’t want to come short here. You want the best and you surely will want to put in everything for it. Your ram has got to be great after all, as the processor is already equipped for the job. 

On this note, while you may need to deal with the absence of RGB lighting on the Corsair Vengeance, the massive 3600MHz speed it offers makes it the best ram on this list for the thread ripper series. If you desire a balance of everything, then the V-Color Prism is your best pick. You can check for other rams on Amazon

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