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Best Ram For Ryzen 3700X

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Your computer Ram plays an essential role in setting up your computer and determines how fast or slow the computer runs. The wrong Ram in a computer can lead to a host of issues, ranging from blue screen to bottlenecks with loading your programs and keeping your computing operations going. 

Ryzen 7 is the 3rd generation of processors from AMD and the features embedded in this processor have taken things over the moon. You enjoy a new drive when it comes to gaming, and the use of Zen architecture has added even more beauty to how things are managed. 

If smooth gaming and excellent visuals are your things, then this processor is your perfect pick. Below we take a look at the best rams that fit this processor and can get you running. 

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Ram For Ryzen 3700X

Corsair Vengeance Led

Great Performance Ram For Ryzen 3700X


With over 3200MHz processor speed, this Ram is a beauty to behold. It comes with a mind-blowing 16GB storage support that helps to load your games with smooth ease and an admirable speed. The C16 latency makes it possible to have your heavy-duty games running without issues when you go with this processor. 

The body is supported with a Matte Black finish and has a heat sink that takes off the energy and heating demands of your processor. Interestingly you enjoy the DDR4 ram, which is twice the speed offered on the DDR3.  Loading your 3D task and performing those heavy operations is made easy here!

There is more to it, the Ram can be overclocked just when you need enough storage space to cover your gaming needs, you can push it up from 3200MHZ to over 3466MHz and enjoy the unique speed and strength that comes with having something unique and extra. There are 4 RGB lights to choose from. 

With the RGB offerings and unique clock cycle, you are in for something great when you opt for this processor of choice. 

Pros And Cons 


  • C16 Fast clock cycle 
  • Fantastic design 
  • Great performance 


  • Single-tone light 
  • The memory could be better 

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Kingston Fury 

C16 Latency Ram For Ryzen 3700X


Many names in the market pose a threat to the industry leaders when quality and satisfaction are the benchmarks for measuring what is obtainable. Kingston is one of such names and they have held to their place with commitment and a noticeable dedication. 

The Kingston Fury is our pick for this section, the Ram comes with a 3200MHz processing speed, a great deal to contend with. This is not all, it had a 16GB ram and C16 latency that makes it equipped for anything you will want to throw at it. The Matte black finishing and heat sink add to the list.

You enjoy higher framerates on this Ram and the heat sink is there to guarantee that things are in place for you, as you enjoy the best of computing excellence when you game on this ram and carry out your heavy computing operations, like 3D animation and others. 

The overclocking capacity of this ram makes it the finest in this category, you can take this to the extreme ad you can overclock the ram to about 4800MHz. You have no concerns for heat-related issues ad your heat sink got you covered. The ram is XMP certified! 

Pros And Cons 


  • 4800MHz boost speed 
  • C16 latency 
  • Higher Framerates 


  • No RGB lighting 
  • Not great for advanced gaming 

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XPG Spectrix D80 Liquid Cooled G-Skill Trident Z

RGB Lightning Ram For Ryzen 3700X


If there is one thing that sets Trident Z apart from the other rams on the list and in the market today, is the aesthetic excellence that the ram embodies. Nothing beats it, it is supreme in all ways and the engineering excellence, coupled with the aesthetics impression are things you cannot ignore. 

You enjoy a fantastic 3200MHz processing speed that can easily go up to about 4266MHz, for all intents and purpose this is brilliant and it shows up in everything you do. From a smooth gaming experience to an unbeatable performance when you choose to go all hard on it. 

It is not out of place to say this Ram is best in aesthetics, but more than that the overclocking abilities and fantastic support rank top on our list. If you are in the market for a Ram that can play your Tier A games with ease, this Ram will get the job done without breaking down. 

For the gamers, RGB lighting tops the list of those things that makes up for a good gaming experience and this ram provides a fantastic reach here, it is also cheap to go with.

Pros And Cons 


  • RGB lighting 
  • Overclocking excellence
  • Best for Tier A games 


  • Comes with a flashy look 
  • Cost 

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The choice of a good ram for your computer is as important as making the right choice when it comes to your processor. The ram does not only play a supporting role for your Ram, it gives it the basic ground to function. Interestingly, the ram dictates how fast or slow your games load, so it is important. 

The overclocking abilities of the Kingston Fury make it the best pick for this category, as it comes equipped with a long list of features that makes it exciting for gamers. It stands tall on this list as our best pick for this category. You can check for other rams in this category on Amazon.  

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