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Best Tablet For Day Trading

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Commercial activities are gradually turning digital, and so is the need for heavy devices for simple everyday tasks. Like every fruitful activity, trading requires consistency and dedication. Sadly, a desktop and even a laptop cannot offer the convenience needed to execute all your tasks, which is why you need to get a tablet. 

A tablet integrates the convenience of a keyboard and a mouse in a touch screen. This makes it portable and easy to carry around while you execute tasks targeted towards the growth of your business. It is an excellent device that integrates features that make it very suitable for trading on different business platforms. 

If you’re in the market for a tablet that is highly functional for day trading, then you should check out our top 3 picks for the best tablet for day trading.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Tablet For Day Trading 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Android OS For Day Trading


It features a 512Gb storage and a built-in Dex mode that allows this tablet to be easily converted into a mini Pc that offers exceptional keyboard experience and an extended trackpad that uses a 9ms pen latency control presentation, takes notes on your daily trading experience, and mark papers effortlessly.

A major feature that has attracted many people to this tablet is its long-lasting battery that provides power that can last through a working day, after a single charge. It also employs a wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP dual back camera and an 8MP front-facing camera that captures images with stunning brightness and well-detailed clarity without much effort.

Furthermore, its 12.4” screen provides a large edge to edge display that functions such four speakers powered by AKG with Dolby Atmos surround sound for a cinematic viewing experience.

The Samsung S7+ is well designed with powerful features that support excellent performance on a diverse trading platform by acting as a hotspot, second screen or a hyper-efficient vehicle for sharing ideas and contents through a Wi-Fi connection Bluetooth enabled controller.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 512 storage capacity.
  • It has a unique feature that offers a Pc keyboard experience.
  • It has a 9ms latency pen control


  • It is expensive.
  • It does not support wireless charging.

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Apple iPad 10

A12 Bionic Chip For Day Trading


Macs are great for running applications that support various trading platforms. The Apple iPad 10.2 inches does not disappoint its features, durability, or functionality as a tablet for trading on different platforms. 

It is built with a Touch ID that ensures security through authentication on Apple play, and an A12 Bionic chip that powers essential apps that offer new capabilities specifically designed for iPad. Its display resolution uses a screen-sized retina display to display stunning pictures.

Like all iPads, this 10.2” iPad comes with an Apple pencil that comes in handy for note-taking, writing intuitive business ideas and strategy, drafting business plans, drawing, and other activities that you might want to engage the pen in. 

This tablet is equipped with a lighting connector built for charging and supporting a full-sized keyboard as a secondary keyboard for easy typing and navigating through different trading platforms with ease. This feature makes it able to support the editing of documents during web research.

In a digital age where even business meetings have gone digital, this tablet employs an 8MP back camera, 1.2MP facetime HD front camera with stereo speakers that supports facetime call with clients and business partners with clarity in video and audio quality. 

All its features are powered by a long-lasting battery life, Gigabit-class LTE and Wi-Fi that provides uninterrupted internet connection to keep you updated on recent happenings that can affect your business with possible solutions its growth.

Pros and Cons


  • It uses a 10.2 inch retina display.
  • It has a long lasting battery.
  • It is equipped with an A12 bionic chip


  • It can’t be used with cellular data.
  • It is expensive.

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Vankyo MatrixPad S30

Octa-Core Processor For Day Trading

The Vankyo tablet employs a 1080p resolution on its 10.1-inch display, and it is powered by a GPS certified Android operating system. It can be easily folded into different positions to create a stand for viewing and reading about market conditions and making video calls with potential business clients to boost your business clientele.

It has a 32Gb memory capacity that can be expanded to up to 128Gb with a micro SD card to provide enough storage space for your business apps to function appropriately even with regularly updated features.

This feature is supported by an octa-core processor that functions on a 1.6GHz memory and 3Gb RAM that offers incredible performance while consuming less power.

This tablet has a long-lasting 6000mAh battery that is built to power this tablet for 15 hours while you employ it’s built-in and auxiliary features to get you through the day. It also features Bluetooth 5., a 13MP back camera, an 8MP front camera, and dual speakers.

Its features are geared towards each multitasking and fast switch between apps and tasks to make every business day productive.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 32Gb storage capacity.
  • It has a 600mAh battery.
  • It is supported by an Octa-core processor.


  • This tablet doesn’t support a SIM card
  • It does not come with a pen.

Check it out on Amazon


A tablet is an excellent device for day trading because it offers portability and convenience with all its features that are geared towards efficiency and productivity in your business.  With the above options, I hope making a choice wasn’t difficult, and if you still want to check for more options, you’ll find them on

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