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Gigabyte – ga-ab350m-ds3h Micro ATX Am4 Motherboard

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Gigabyte is a big name in the computing space and no doubt, they are amazing at what they do, Gigabyte has been in the market for years and they keeps evolving, with large offerings in a compact state.

The GA-AB350M-DS3H Micro ATX motherboard is our subject of review today, and the reasons for picking this motherboard are not far from the great features it houses.

When it comes to features, which is an important subject with computers, overclocking is one feature you cannot deny to admire. It is just superb, and it gives you that powerful status, in that, you can upgrade your computing powers to suit each operation. This control in your possession is indeed the definition of power. On the other hand, is there another definition?

A good motherboard should be compatible with a long-range of processors and sockets, including form factor, just name it. This list can go on and on, but we will have to curtail it, so you get only the relevant features on your screen. Moreover, on this list, the Gigabyte motherboard scores so high.

The AM4 motherboard gives you support for your AMD Ryzen 3000, AMD4 Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 1000. Here you are left with the choice of deciding which processor type you want to go with, as you have a massive line of support to choose from.

When it comes to keeping up with the times, this motherboard does an impressive job, as it is VR Ready, giving you strong HD graphics for your gaming interface.

Some Amazing Features Of The Motherboard

The above information was just the tip of the iceberg, we have enough in stock to dazzle you with and we know you will surely love the long list of features the Gigabyte motherboard houses, so let us dive in and find out, what is left on this list.

Design & Display Support

Let us begin with just how great your computing operations can get when you opt for the Gigabyte motherboard. The display support is our first stop, your get RGB lighting on this motherboard, an impressive feature that gamers are dying to keep. Did I mention it is seven beautiful colors to choose from, this is what it is.

It comes with an Anti-sulfur design, ensuring oxygen and other environmental factors that may easily work to reduce the functioning of your computer are taken care of, giving you peace of mind just where you want it. With this design, you are guaranteed protection from Sulphur attacks, which will otherwise reduce the electrode ability of your computer.

You also get Humidity protection, with the glass fabric on your computer, keeping your computer motherboard protected from moisture in the air, perfect 4k display support also adds to this list of great features on your motherboard. With 4k support you get, high definition contents, 4,000 pixels more than today’s standard HD pixel density.


The Gigabyte motherboard does great here too, with breathtaking features packed together to meet your heavy-duty computing operations. The smart fan 5 cooling system is a beast; it does more than you could ask for, at a great rate. You get strong-motion Performance, while your computer stays cool doing your operations.

With thermal sensors at different locations on the motherboard and hybrid fan headers you get advanced liquid cooling options with great output, this way, you can perform high-end computing tasks, without pushing your computer to the brinks.

Furthermore, there are two fan pin headers, with 5 temperature sensors, and high current fans up to 24w (2A×12V) all packed together, to give you the best computing exposure.


You know we will hit the nail here and won’t escape the decision to discuss this feature, so here we go; the NVME PCI-E Gen 3 ×4 M.2 slots, offers you faster storage and greater support for your PCI-E and SATA interface.

Here, you are exposed to a new world of pure bliss, with unique support for your storage and memory accessibility needs. We cannot end this list without giving you this vital detail; let us look at the connectivity options. 


We all want to get more done, with great speed and this is where the Gigabyte motherboard answers your silent prayers, with a wide array of connectivity options available for your use.

The Realtek Gigabyte LAN features, available on this motherboard, are a major overkill. With the LAN feature, you get traffic management, and an improved latency response, even in crowded environments.

The motherboard is VR-Ready, offering you more gaming Performance than what full HD graphics can, as you get over 90FPS on your gaming interface. This is gorgeous for gaming enthusiasts and pro!

What about the HDMI support? With technology fast evolving I am sure, you don’t want to be left in the dark and this is the beauty with future thinking companies, you get the best value and features, so with the high definition multimedia interface, you get over 5GB/s video transmitting bandwidth with an 8-channel high-quality audio and video support.

Maybe I miss a detail or two on this review and you know it, getting it in the comment box below, will help us update the post to give you a holistic overview of your favorite gigabyte motherboard.


The Gigabyte motherboard is a fantastic piece of computing hardware, packed together with features that make it a great buy, a right investment in the right direction.  The list of features is breathtaking, and if you are looking for a motherboard to tick off the list, the Gigabyte – ga-ab350m-ds3h micro ATX Am4 Motherboard, will get you going.

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