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Gigabyte – Z370p D3 ATX LGA 1151 Motherboard

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Gigabyte is no new name with motherboards, computing accessories, they have been there, and keeps it going at all times. There is no doubt, about the company’s commitment to better their place at the top of the pyramid and keeps going.

While the computer motherboard is budget-friendly, the features it houses will make you agree that this is one motherboard that was way ahead of its time. We will look at seven aspects of the motherboard that makes it such a success and an amazing delight to its users.

7 Great Aspects Of this Motherboard

1. Cooling

The cooling technology on this motherboard will surely wow you and make you appreciate the manufactures for a fantastic job on the road, it is everything beautiful.

The ×6 temperature sensors of the motherboard ensure the part of the motherboard that heats up and needs the greatest attention is the one that is attended to at the instant.

You get ×4 hybrid fan headers, enough to power each section of your motherboard and save you the sad reality of having your Motherboard burned off.

The fans do not run on their own, the sensors regularize the process and ensure that once a particular aspect of the motherboard begins to heat and exceed a particular limit, the fan assigned on that side of the board is turned up and it cools off the pressure of your operation.

This is a massive improvement, that the Gigabyte motherboard brings to the fore.

2. Connectivity & Storage

How many slots and ports you can get on your motherboard, is an interesting question and the Gigabyte motherboard has this sorted out.The data transfer rate of this motherboard is amazing.

On the M.2, you get 32GB/s speed to keep your files intact, while on the Sata feature you get 6GB/s, making it one of the fastest motherboards on the planet with an amazing data transfer rate. For your storage, you also get the latest optane technology, which saves files in form of a cache.

There is a Realtek LAN support on this motherboard, excellent for your wireless connections, as it improves internet latency. More on this is the HDMI support that offers over 5GB/s of video transmitting bandwidth, an 8-channel high audio quality.

3. Performance

Performance is an aspect of every computer that you cannot take away, how fast or slow your computer loads will give it a definition and a new class. This of course will detect just how fast or slow you work, and your ability to hit those deadlines.

The 2way crossfire multi-graphics gives you better graphics performance than what you can easily get from other motherboards.

You get higher framerates on this computer, which is an amazing feature for game lovers, as you can easily load your games and have the actions load on your screen.

The XMP technology that Gigabyte motherboards now features, makes it easy to have extended memory use, this way you get over 4000MHz memory support on this motherboard.

4. Lighting

If you are a gamer, lighting is an essential aspect of your computing adventure. The Gigabyte motherboard has this area carefully covered, as you enjoy 7 RGB lights strip offering 7 amazing colors. You can easily twerk these colors to have your best signage.

5. Durability

Since it ticks the list on performance, connectivity, cooling, and lighting. Is it durable is the next question, how long can it last you through your operations and it is a board you can trust for the ages to come?

The Gigabyte motherboard is built for years, the anti-sulfur design ensures that your motherboard is protected from disaster that is otherwise caused by Sulphur when it gets into your computing components. Therefore, you can rely on it, that this motherboard will last you a lifetime.

6. 4K Display support

4k is the new gold, the new definition of visuals and having a motherboard that supports 4k screen operations is pure bliss, this is why we have said this motherboard is built ahead of its time.

With 4000 pixels on the horizontal line, which is 4 times more than what the typical HD pixels offer, you are guaranteed an excellent load of amazing display and wide connection options when you get a monitor that offers an equally unique feature.

7. CEC Energy Saving

Using energy-saving gadgets can be a kill for the amazing uniqueness it offers. First, it helps you to play your part in having a better ecosystem free from toxicity and the issues associated with global warming.

This is the feeling that comes with using the Gigabyte motherboard; it is environment friendly, with the California Energy Commission certification.


The Gigabyte Z370p D3 ATX motherboard is a delight.Compatible with 8th generation Intel chipsets, this motherboard is a beast in the field and works great for your gaming and other functions that you would want to throw at it.

It is compatible for all cases and reasons, the hybrid fan headers, high audio, and optane technology are a few of its good features.

Is this all? You may wonder, comparing the market this motherboard commands and the recommendations it gets everywhere.

That was the tip of the iceberg, as we will be reviewing the motherboard part by part, giving you a full digest of all of its parts and why you should pitch your tenth here.

Motherboards are evolving, even as the market for them gets bigger and better. In a bid to stay afloat, getting a motherboard that meets its functions and has a wide range of amazing features will do you a great deal. In addition, this is where the GigabyteZ370p comes in handy.

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