Best Motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti

The launch of the RTX 2080 Ti gave birth to a technological miracle, as the GPU became the world’s first ray-tracing GPU. While success has since been recorded across diverse fields and other areas, there is no gainsaying that this GPU broke the jinx.  For a GPU of this kind, finding the right motherboard for […]

Best 4k Video Cards For HTPC

Home theatre medic PCs, also known as HTPCs, are great all-in-one media solutions for videos, audio, photos, and other media applications. Their low profile design makes them a convenient choice for gamers, and videographers but you can only get it to render great quality pictures by using a 4k video card.  With HTPCs, the video […]

Best Cheap Graphics Card For Photoshop

Most highly-demanding graphic-themed applications rely heavily on the quality of their graphics card for their performance. This goes to say that a poor quality graphics card will only deliver poor graphics in return and applications such as Photoshop, this is not the result that you want after investing your time with the hope of getting […]

Can You Use A Nvidia GPU with an AMD CPU

While trying to build a PC, we want the best of both worlds in terms of performance, especially as it concerns graphical representation, easy overclocking, better frames, and fast multicore performance. If you’ve searched for this, chances are you’ll be faced with the possibility of combining two different processors from two different leading brands and […]

How Hot Should A Graphics Card Be For Gaming

Graphics cards are very important for gaming, especially if you play games that require intense graphics and frame rates. A lot of us feel nonchalant about the temperature of graphics cards and so, we had to learn the importance of regulating the temperature of our graphics card the hard way.  If this is your case, […]

Best Graphics Card For Rainbow Six Siege 

What does 144fps and more represent for gaming enthusiasts? It means speed and complete balance, this is what you enjoy when you go hard on your gaming interface, with the best graphics cards. You will require a good and stable graphics card if you intend to make anything out of Rainbow Six Siege.  The reason […]

Best Graphics Card For Half-Life- Alyx

Resolutions, frame rates, gaming keyboards, and a host of other things can make gaming smooth and enjoyable. However, a good graphics card can make a big difference in your choice of games – if you like, you can call it the bedrock of modern gaming. Playing games such as Half-life- Alyx requires a graphics card […]

Best Graphics Card For World of Tanks 

Released on the 24th of August, 2010. World of Tanks had gained a proud place as one of the highest-ranking games of the last decade, it was on everyone’s wish list and things to do, who doesn’t like playing the game of tanks? Things have gotten even better for the game of tanks, as you […]

Best Graphics Card For Dark Souls

The Dark Soul trilogy is one of the best games that has got a lot of players in a tight corner because of its difficulty but they all attest to the fact that it’s a very nice game- especially the Dark souls 3 which is the latest addition dark souls. For a game that comes […]

Best Graphics Card For WOW

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular PC games of all time that is played by millions of people. This multiplayer online role-playing game can also be fun when played on a solo theme although it is regularly updated.  As popular and exciting as this game is, one of the biggest turn-offs in […]

Brief History Of Graphics Cards

Ever wondered how the chip on your circuit board that converts video data into signals and transmits them to your monitor came to be? Of course, you know that It wasn’t originally designed like that, because just like your computer, there have been series of technological advancements in graphics cards ranging from IBM owned graphics […]

Best Graphics Card For Rust

Survival games have an intense thrill attached to them that most players find captivating especially if you’re playing against a friend. Featuring the elements of combat is a thrilling game based on the survival instincts of the player and social interactions with friends while tackling the tasks thrown at each other, it is little of […]