Best Amd Graphics Card For Gaming

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices and is responsible for chips that power computers, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors, graphics cards, servers, flash memory, integrated circuits for networking devices, programmable logic devices, and other devices. But you are here for the graphics cards, and from where we are standing, these are some of the best graphics […]

Best Graphics Card For Star Citizen

Star citizen is one of the best games that have landed on screen in the past few years, and this game is still on the run as one of the greatest games of the century. With the full release still expected, the fact that this game lives up to its expectations is one truth we […]

Best Graphics Card For PUBG

While the graphics card is the hardware part of the computer, that processes the images we see on the screen, having the right graphics card for each purpose or a graphics card that is ready for all-purpose is a major win for the gamer and computer user who will love exploring his options.  Images on […]

Low Profile Graphics Card

Graphics cards are responsible for graphically rendering contents and as such, it is a vital component to be considered when building a computer.  If you’re building a small form computer either for games, or other graphics-related works, you should opt for a low profile graphics card because its small size makes it better suited to […]

Discrete Graphics Card

A discrete graphics card is an external graphics card that is attached to the motherboard and as such can mostly be found in desktop computers and gaming computers. It stands out in its high performance, high clock speed, and efficiency in handling only highly intensive graphical content with a great visual performance.  Why Are They […]

Best Graphics Card For Ark Survival Evolved

6 years on since it first landed on our screens, Ark survival evolved has maintained its place as a revolutionary game, that has both class and elegance packed in one piece. The multiplayer survival game on a dinosaur Ireland has sparked a craving for real gaming that is loved by its loyal fanbase.  This game […]

Best Graphics Card For Skyrim

When Skyrim landed on the gaming interface, it came with a startling message, that the gaming community is about to explode for good and the best was yet to come. This wasn’t a promise of a future, it was a world of gaming possibilities opened up before our eyes. With a commitment to content improvements. That […]

Best Graphics Card for Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest names in the gaming world, you just cannot do without Minecraft when you talk about adventure and sandbox games. To hit the best performance on a best-selling gaming interface like Minecraft, you will require the highest configurations to beat the mark.  A good graphics card is among the few […]

Best Graphics Cards for CS:GO

Since its release Counter strike global has debuted as one of the finest FPS shooter games of all time, as it continues to break the records in sales and fan base. There are many reasons why CounterStrike is on the radar, the graphics interface of this game is major overkill and it is just interesting […]

Best Graphics Card For Fortnite

When it comes to gaming, having the right computer is equivalent to having a perfect configuration for your gaming needs. You surely do not want to have glitches when you are in your gaming interface and keeping the runs, this can only be possible with the right graphics support in place. Graphics cards are responsible […]

Best Graphics Card For Overwatch

Released in 2016, Overwatch has been the real definition of creativity and action all in one. It came with so much hype and the publicity that went into this game, will surely leave you with the feeling of missing something great if you are not playing the action pack game then. The love for Overwatch […]

Closed-Loop Vs Open-Loop Graphics Cards Water Cooled

You must have seen these words in websites and blogs and wonder, what close loop is? What is an open loop and what does it mean for computer graphics cards to be water-cooled? On the other hand, possibly allow your mind, stroll as to whether they are other ways to cool your graphics card if […]