The GTX 1060 is a great computer graphics card that provides a stunning experience when you get an FHD screen with a 1080P or 1440P resolution. It has a silent running operation and low power consumption. If you overclock the system more than often, then you will love to get this graphics card. You can […]

How Many Graphics Card Port Do You Need

Desktop PCs are built with different types of posts that sustain their functionality and enhance their performance and suitability for accomplishing different tasks.  However, regardless of how well equipped the desktop is, it still needs to be paired with a monitor to aid graphic, text, and visual representation of the software installed into the computer. […]

How To Clean A Graphics Card

Cleaning a computer is not just about blowing off dust and scrubbing with a clean cloth to make it look neat to onlookers. How are the internal components fairing, do you clean them at all or you probably think they never get dirty and so don’t need cleaning, or maybe you think that there’s a […]

Best CPU For GTX 1080

CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is also called the central processor, main processor, or processor. It is the principal part of a computer and it composes of the main memory, a control unit, an arithmetic- logic unit. It is the heart of the computer and it is linked with input and output devices and […]

How to safely store a graphics card when not in use

You may wish to keep your Graphics card away for a few days, months, or years. The reason for storing the computer graphics card can be founded on several reasons, but regardless, you want to have the card in the best form possible when you need it again and fit for purposes it is supposed […]

How To Fix Graphics Card Fan Not Spinning

There are many ways a good day can go sour and make you feel down for the long hours, your computer graphics card fan, not spinning can be the piece that makes that twist and redirect your trajectory. So what happens when your graphics card fan is not spinning? Your GPU temperature is running at […]

How To Transport A Graphics Card Safely

There are many reasons why losing your graphics card or getting it destroyed now is not the best thing for you, one of these reasons is that you will likely have difficulties in getting a replacement. This is what we have seen with the bearish market on the computer graphics card in 2021, the scarcity […]

How To Fix Graphics Card Vibrations

Just as powerful as graphics cards are becoming, and the multiplicity of functions these cards can perform. They just like every other piece of computing hardware have their lags, and this is the vibration that comes with the cards. While it can be ignored, the fact that it is audible is frustrating. Computer graphics card […]

How To Fix Graphics Card Sag

Graphics cards sagging, termed sag. Occurs when the graphics card, is too heavy for the bracket or printed circuit board, otherwise called PCB. Here the CPU will bend a little and this causing sagging. This is one problem you can ignore as it has little or no effect on the performance of your computer, but […]

What to do with Your Old Graphics Card?

Do you have an old graphics card you don’t know how to dispose of? I understand that you don’t want to hold onto a card you’ll never use either. It makes sense to keep a backup gear if something happens to your desktop system and you need to get going again. You can put that […]

How much video memory do you need?

How much video RAM you need depends on what you are doing. In gaming, the more graphically demanding the game or the higher the resolution you’re playing at, the more Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) you’ll need. Today, modern computer games often use more than 2 GB of VRAM, but rarely more than 4 GB. […]

Best Gaming Graphics Card Under 100

Just like the CPU, the graphics component of the computer termed the GPU is another essential aspect of the computer that must be taken into account, and this is for many reasons. So what is on our list? We have the best graphics card under 100, and with great features that make it deserving of […]