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External GPU Enclosure

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Regardless of the portability and great features built into a laptop, their graphics processing power is not very reliable for high-end games and 3D applications. Of course, the computer graphics are sharp and stunning but it just cannot compete with the graphics performance of a desktop computer. 

However, recent advancement in technology has improved the graphic performance of laptop computers by introducing an external graphics processing unit (eGPU) to enhance a laptop’s performance over the integrated GPU that comes with the laptop. 

What is an eGPU?

An eGPU is built to connect a desktop’s GPU to a laptop by providing power to enhance a laptop’s performance in high-end games as well as highly demanding applications.

It modifies the laptop’s graphic performance to the external GPU instead of the default GPU which makes it able to display games with great graphics and stunning resolutions. 

Its swappable feature makes it easy to alternate from an eGPU mode to a non eGPU mode when gaming or working. It can also be easily upgraded which makes it a very suitable secondary storage system for games. 

An eGPU is built with a PCIe slot that securely holds the graphics card and supports the fast and easy transfer of graphics, a USB Type C, and a thunderbolt 3 technology that makes it adaptable to 3D software and programs as well as connecting it to the computer. 


An external GPU enclosure is a perfect solution for upgrading the graphics performance of gaming. It offers a desktop-quality graphics performance on gaming laptops to make it suitable for high-end games. Despite its popularity among gaming laptops, it can also be used for desktops via a plug-and-play mode.

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