Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Being a preferred choice for audiophiles, gamers, and musicians comes with a lot of satisfied criteria and an over-ear headphone tops the chart. It is very comfortable for an extended period of use, and its size allows it to feature large sound drivers that are well equipped to produce superior quality sounds that are enveloping […]

Best Gaming Headset For Glasses

Being an avid gamer myself, I realized that there is a limit to what your ears can hold especially when it comes to holding your glasses in place and being held tightly by a gaming headset. The pressure often leads to discomfort especially if you’re gaming for long hours. Such issues can be well discussed […]

Best Headphone Amp Under $100

Irrespective of the type of computer headphones you use and the purpose you want them to serve, there’s no debate that you want the best sound quality. Still, sometimes, even an expensive headphone might experience sound distortion at the highest volume. That is why you should get a headphone amplifier to adjust your headphone’s audio […]

Best Headphones For Elementary School Computer Lab

It is almost impossible not to notice children’s excitement when they’re engaged in learning activities that they love, especially if the activity requires them to be an interpersonal activity with the learning device.  Learning in a computer lab is one such activity that makes them excited, but it is important to contain this excitement for […]

Best Computer Amplifier

As good as your computer speakers might be, they sometimes need a device that perfectly accentuates their output for a thrilling and outstanding audio experience. The best device that employs features that are well suited for this task is a computer amplifier. It is built with high definition features that are geared towards amplifying sounds, […]

Best Wireless Headphones with a Mic

As much as I love moving around with a pair of wireless headphones, I love them better with a mic because of the stability maintained by the mic position. This feature makes the headphones handy for my music, and calls.  It is true that a wireless headphones is more comfortable and versatile and it employs […]

Best Headphone Stands

There are a lot of simple ways to avoid a mess on your computer desk and a headphone stand is one of the best options. Using a headphone stand places your cherished headphones in a more secure position that makes it less prone to the risks of falling, spillage and importantly, it keeps the headphone […]