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Best Headphone Amp Under $100

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Irrespective of the type of computer headphones you use and the purpose you want them to serve, there’s no debate that you want the best sound quality. Still, sometimes, even an expensive headphone might experience sound distortion at the highest volume. That is why you should get a headphone amplifier to adjust your headphone’s audio quality to a preferred setting to get nothing less than the best audio quality at all times. 

A headphone amplifier is designed with electrical power that offers better audio definitions by helping headphones perform excellently well. It raises the low voltage of audio signals from a source device to a sufficient level that can be easily converted to sound drives. This ability to adjust the audio quality of headphones has made headphone amplifiers a go-to solution for audiophiles that want to get the best out of their headphones. 

Finding the best headphone amplifier can be more tiring than listening to your headphone’s poor sound quality, which is why I thought it’ll be in your best interest to help out with the best 3 headphone amplifiers that are currently available in the market. The selected headphones are built with excellent power and features that allow for better sound reproduction and effective powering of headphones.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Headphone Amplifiers Under $100


Fiio E10K 

USB Headphone Amp Under 100$

The Fiio E10K is designed to improve a headphone’s audio output with its transient response and driving power. Its components are housed in a sleek brushed aluminum shell chassis that promotes durability and ease of use. 

It functions with an internal PCM 102 DAC chip that can handle PCM files of up to 24-bits In 96kHz resolution by improving the audio’s quality via an optimized low-pass linear filter to reduce delay, internal silence, and phase shifts while changing tracks.

The filter functions with a selectable bass boost circuit, and they are both built with circuitry and designed for low noise floor in all states amplification stages when engaged and thus allowing you to customize the audio according to preference.

The Fiio E10K headphone amp can be connected to the laptop via its USB connection which also doubles as a power unit. Its other input ports include a 1/8± headphone jack at the front panel, a 1/8± like output at the rear panel, and a visual digital output at the rear panel, which aids digital audio transfer. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a low pass linear filter that reduces delay, silence, and phase shifts while changing tracks.
  • It has a selectable bass boost circuit.
  • It has a sleek, and portable design.


  • It cannot be used with an iPad.
  • It does not have a battery.

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Speaker and Headphone Amp Under 100$

The KGUSS headphone amp functions with mini amp chips that use a strong technology that ensures the clarity of sounds in an audio’s input or output source. 

The versatility of this headphone amp makes it suitable for use both as a headphone amp and a speaker amp via RCA output that is highly effective in improving sound quality. 

The KGUSS headphone amp is equipped with a variety of input and output modes such as a PC-USB, an optical fiver, three coaxial inputs for connecting via a TV set-top box, a 6.35mm headphone port, and a tube vacuum amp. 

Its excellent sound reproduction is credited to two replaceable and upgradable op-amps that are specially designed to improve the audio quality of the headphone and a DAC that conveys figural audio signals into a signal that can be easily amplified adjusted to any preference. It can also be used with Dolby Atmos and a directional sound source in gaming and other activities. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has a built-in DAC.
  • It can be used as a headphone and speaker amp.
  • Its op-amps are replaceable and upgradeable. 


  • It can only be connected via the power output.
  • The headphone port is the only amplified port.

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Audio Quest Dragonfly 

Preamp and Headphone Amp Under 100$

The Audio Fly headphone amp is equipped with a plug-and-play USB stick-sized  DAC,  a preamp, and a headphone amp that easily connects your laptops, tablets, and smartphones to deliver well-filtered sounds to the connected headphone, speaker, or audio system.

It functions with a medium output of 1.2 volts that powers a wide range of headphones and a 32 bit ESS DAC with a minimum-phase filter that offers excellent sound quality with low power consumption.

Although this headphone amp is built to decipher resolutions of up to 24-bit, 96kHz easily, it can also play with diverse, high resolutions ranging from an MP3 to MQS. It is compatible with Apple and Windows PC, iOS, Android mobile devices, laptops, computers, and tablets. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is equipped with a plug-and-play USB stick-sized DAC.
  • It can play diverse high-resolution files.
  • It functions with low power consumption 


  • It is not suitable for headphones with microphones.
  • It is used with a software.

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A headphone amplifier is a great accessory that should be found in the possession of every audiophile because of the significant and audible improvement in the sounds produced on headphones. I hope that the contents of this article were helpful in your search for a headphone amp, but if you still want to search for more options, you’ll find a handful of options on

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