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There are a lot of simple ways to avoid a mess on your computer desk and a headphone stand is one of the best options. Using a headphone stand places your cherished headphones in a more secure position that makes it less prone to the risks of falling, spillage and importantly, it keeps the headphone wires less tangled.

Some of these headphone stands employ some amazing features such as RGB lighting and charging ports, and they do not in any way hamper their functionality. With a headphone stand, the only thing you’ll be doing picking up your headphones and let them do what it is meant to do – bring soothing comfort to your ears.

As simple as it may look, choosing a headphone stand is not that easy especially when there are numerous options and styles to pick from. This article contains the 3 best options that you can find in the headphone stand market and they are portable, sturdy, beautiful, and they do the job well.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Headphone Stand


Link Dream

Single Headphone Stand

Place your headphones in secured hands that are less prone to the risks of falling off or being damaged when not in use. The Link Dream headphone stand offers several amazing features that keep your headphones secured and easy to reach when you need it.

Its 1.4-inch sturdy frame is made of solid metal and advanced aluminum that prevents scratches on your headphone. This sturdy headphone stand features a soft protective TPE pad that acts as a cushion for the headphone and prevents deep crease even though it has been hung for a long period of time.

Its sturdy build can be credited to the silicone pads at the bottom that provide sturdy support even on glossy surfaces. This headset is a very nice way to keep your gaming desk organized with the accessory at an easy reach when needed. It can play host to all sizes of headphones and can also support a big gaming headset.

Pros and Cons


  • It is made of solid metal and aluminum
  • It has a soft TPE pad
  • There are silicone pads at its bottom


  • It is lightweight and can be easily tilted
  • It is not tall

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Avantree Headphone Stand

Wooden Headphone Stand

Let your style be unique with this wooden headphone stand. This beautiful stand will definitely “stand out” on your desk with its wooden and sturdy aluminum alloy stand.

The well-carved wood is made of fine bamboo and is designed with a cable holder at the bottom that is 13.5 cm wide and the overall height of this sturdy headphone stand is 7 inches which are unlike several other wooden headphones stands.

The Avantree headphone stand is a perfect fit for headphones whose headband width is within 1.97 inches. It is very sturdy and can faithfully withstand the weight of heavy headphones. This headphone stand also features a large cable holder that helps it keep its balance and ensure its sturdiness. The bottom cable holder does not slip and can comfortably hold phones with different positions without scratching or damaging the device.

This product can comfortably support different sizes of headphones and it also comes with a two-year warranty by the manufacturer and they’re pretty sure you won’t be having a need to lay claim on the warranty because of this headphone guaranteed functionality.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a cable holder that can comfortably hold your phone, cable and gaming glasses
  • It is made of wood and aluminum alloy
  • It is taller than most wooden headphone stands


  • It is lightweight
  • It is not made of uniform materials

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Kafri Headphone Stand

Double Headphone Stand

For personal reasons, you might own two headphones and the need to keep them safe in a place where you can easily have access to both will become an issue. Well, the Kafri double headphone stand helps you worry less about such issues.

With a length of 8.7 inches and a width of 5.23 inches, this headphone stand is a sturdy and reliable option for keeping two headphones. It is no doubt a space-saving option that gives your computer desk a very organized look. Its center post is made of metal, the headset holder is made of durable plastic and the base has a fine durable coating. 

This double headphone stand has multi-protection systems that keep your headphones in a perfectly balanced condition that is ready for use wherever you need any of them. If you’re a fan of RGB lighting, then get ready because it’s beautiful RGB lighting also adds glow to your computer desk. Nine lighting effects can be activated through it’s 16.8 million colors and it can be easily displayed with the touch of a button.

This headphone stand has many nice features and another is its inbuilt wireless charging base and a 5ft USB cord that comes with it. This feature effectively supports up to 7.5W charging for iPhones, 10W for compatible Samsung devices, and 5W for all Qi-enabled phones.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a wireless charger pad
  • It has colorful RGB lighting
  • It is made of plastic and metal


  • It is not very wide
  • It does not have a uniform charging capacity

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A headphone stand is a very simple way to keep your headphone secured and your computer desk organized. Add a simple but sophisticated touch to your gaming arena or work station by investing in a headphone stand.

I really hope that this article was very helpful in helping you purchase a headphone stand. However, if you’re still looking for more options, you can take a look on Amazon.

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