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Best Wireless Gaming Headset

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The beautiful truth that a gaming headset delivers great sounds for an immersive game-audio experience has been solidified. However, a wireless gaming headset offers more than just game-worthy sounds.

A wireless gaming headset is more flexible, convenient, and offers effortless communication when gaming. It uses a dongle to cut the ties and tangled drama that a wired gaming headset must have caused. That way, you don’t have to maintain a particular position while you game, and you can easily multitask without being restricted by cables.

If you’re searching for a way out of your tangled gaming life, then check out the solutions in our top 3 wireless gaming headset roundup that are designed to produce superior quality sounds, comfort, and convenience.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Wireless Gaming Headset


Mpow Air I Wireless Gaming Headset

Wireless Gaming Headset 

The Mpow Air I wireless gaming headset employs a 2.4GHz wireless connection to provide gamers with high-quality sounds for their games. Its dongle connection has a range of 39 feet and it has a frequency that ranges between 20Hz to 20KHz. This headset features 50mm audio driver for clear and quality sounds and it is combined with dual chambers that are well equipped to separate low, high, and mid bass frequency for smooth and excellent sound production.

It also features a detachable noise-cancellation omnidirectional microphone for an audible two-way communication when gaming. The ear cups of this gaming headset utilizes the soft cushioning of memory foam to provide unrivaled comfort even when the headset is being used for long hours.

The Mpow Air I employs onboard audio controls that make it easy to adjust the volume or mute the microphone, although the one key mute is only supported in wireless mode. It also integrates a power-saving feature that automatically shuts off the headset when no operation is performed for five minutes. This feature is complemented by a low battery reminder that alerts the user on its battery level to prevent shutting down when gaming.

Despite being a wireless gaming headset, the Mpow Air I wireless gaming headset can also be used in a wired mode with devices that support a 3.5mm connection. This gaming headset is lightweight and has a sturdy head beam that is made of leather and aluminum for stability. It is compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, and Nintendo. It can last up to 17 hours after two hours of charge, even at a high volume level.

Pros and Cons


  • It can be used in wired and wireless mode
  • It has a detachable noise-cancellation microphone
  • The ear cups are covered with memory foam


  • When it is in wireless mode, it is only compatible with a selected range of devices
  • The microphone is not retractable

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PDP LVL50 Wireless Gaming Headset

Stereo Gaming Headset

Apart from the superior sound quality produced on this gaming headset, it also features a stereo surround sound that creates deep sound and employs high sound imaging for a lively and thrilling gaming environment. The PDP LVL50 gaming headset functions on a wireless mode with a USB dongle that has a range of 40 feet and easily pairs with enabled gaming devices to deliver mind-blowing and game worthy sounds.

The PDP LVL50 features 50mm high definition stereo drivers that deliver sounds that are clear and smooth, well filtered for high, low and mid-bass frequencies for a balanced audio output. It also employs the best technology in its noise-canceling flexible microphone to promote smooth communication when gaming with friends. This feature is supported by in-line audio control for easy and quick adjustments of volumes.

This gaming headset is convenient for long hours of use because of its comfortable and wide ear cups that are cushioned with breathable cloth mesh and an adjustable headband to provide opt-in comfort during long gaming sessions by reducing fatigue and pressure on your ears and head.

The PDP LVL50 Headset is lightweight and well designed to cater to the sounds accustomed to competitive gaming, esports, and other fast-paced games. It is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Pros and Cons


  • It has 50mm stereo drivers
  • Its wireless mode is supported by a USB dongle that has a range of 40 feet
  • Its ear cups are cushioned with breathable mesh cloth


  • You might encounter some noise-cancellation issues with the microphone
  • The microphone is not retractable

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Giveet Wireless Gaming Headset

Budget-friendly Wireless Gaming Headset

Finding a great wireless gaming headset can be very tiring, especially if it employs Bluetooth as its wireless mode. Well, this gaming headset caters to your gaming needs with its wonderful features and it comes at a price that I’ll like to refer to as a perfect balance between cost and great features.

The Giveet wireless gaming headset is well designed to be used in both a wired and wireless mode. It features a USB Type-C port for easy use and it also features a low latency technology that provides great sounds that are lag-free for a thrilling audio experience. It also employs a noise cancellation technology on its microphone for smooth two-way communication as well as an in-game voice chat function that allows you to hold conversations with your friends while you play games.

Another great feature utilized by this Giveet headset is its smart USB PD 2.0 pass-through charging technology that provides long-lasting power to the headset. It also features a USB Type-C enabled transmitter for pairing two Bluetooth headphones at the same time, offering the flexibility of shading games with friends.

The Giveet wireless gaming headset is lightweight and easy to control with options for adjusting volume, and taking or rejecting calls. It functions via a plug-and-play mode and it is compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, mobile phones, and TVs.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a noise cancellation microphone
  • It can be used in wired and Bluetooth mode
  • It doesn’t require drivers to function


  • It does not have a sturdy appearance
  • The microphone is not detachable

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Sounds are lifesavers for gamers and a wireless gaming headset can produce immersive sounds with great comfort attached to its portability.

I hope that this article helped you to make an informed purchase decision on a wireless gaming headset. However, if you still want to browse for more options, you can take a look on Amazon.

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