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Best Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard

You can’t list out the top 5 keyboard manufacturers and Asus does not find its way there. Their keyboards feature the best of performance, features, ...

Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard

What is there not to like about an RGB mechanical keyboard? It doesn’t just function as an input device, it has proven to be a source of visual ...

Best 3-Pin RGB for a Motherboard Header

If you’re a lover of RGB lights, you’ll want a standardized RGB controller that offers easy customization of LED lights to create a beautiful ...

Best LED Strip For A Computer Case

Before you compliment yourself for a job well done on your computer case, how about a bit of glow to light things up and make them more ...

Rosewell NEON M59 Gaming Mouse Review Just look at that sweet RGB stripe. Here is that link to the Rosewell NEON M59 on Amazon - ...

Unboxing the G.Skill Trident Z RGB Ram

Check out this fly RAM I bought to RGB up my new build. It's going to look like a disco in there!

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