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Rosewell NEON M59 Gaming Mouse Review

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Just look at that sweet RGB stripe.

Here is that link to the Rosewell NEON M59 on Amazon –

In case you want to read through the full transcript for the video, here you go:

all right so we are taking a look at the Roswell neon m59 so this is a pretty sweet gaming mouse ish I mean it can be a work mouse but it’s like a gaming style Mouse this guy DPI settings it’s got the RGB most importantly I enjoyed it I like it so I’m gonna bring you in for a closer look trying to do that okay so you may have seen in a previous video I just did on this awesome keyboard but today well now we are going to be focusing on this mouse which is pretty sweet looking and green I have to say about the mouse so I got this off Amazon I will link to that in the description below and full disclosure that will be an affiliate link to which I will get some sort of kickback so if you want to buy it through that that’s great if not that is okay as well so it’s got a pretty good reviews on here as you can see it’s got the RGB us like striping if you will this is the box that comes in it’s pretty standard except it’s it’s always interesting how you get a product offline and it looks like it’s meant to be on a show as far as I know it’s not a lot of Roosevelt products on shelves me me at a few computer stores that I left so I mean like I said standard stuff does have a nice braided cable which they advertise so I mean it feels really good you see the texture on there yeah that’s that so does come with a little instruction booklet which I actually had lost but you can always look this stuff up online too which I ended up doing so that being said let’s pull up the software that it comes with now if you saw the other video you’ll know that this thing does not come with software that being said I also love it so I will stop saying that being said we got um check it out you got steady you got color screaming I think that’s like the default and I set it to slow because I think that’s pretty cool you can see it does that nice striping no yeah it’s a little bit better so that’s that’s actually what I had it set to you for how long revenues almost two solid months now and that is because this software is only for Windows which makes sense you know I guess a lot of people use Windows I am personally a full-time Linux user unless it comes to gaming so but if by the off chance you are going to use this mouse under Linux you can change the settings here in Windows and they will it’s like it like writes it to the mouse or something I’m not entirely sure I’d be fun to figure out but those settings will carry over when you boot into Linux so I had it set to green to match the keyboard we also have like tail which it’s an interesting name for it I guess but it kind of just colors back and forth tailing tail at the color tails in because it’s not lit up constantly maybe that’s sort of saying you can do fast slow medium slow it would be interesting to check it out it’s pretty neat I always think the slow effects are better if you’re actually sitting and doing stuff oh cool so if you like this is if you click it’ll light up different colors um what else we got with the wave let’s try to wave the wave yep that is basically a tiny seizure don’t want that personally so yeah I am I just wanted a nice bright you set the brightness on it I just want it to match so I think it it looks pretty similar you know anyway so that is the the Roswell neon m59 I didn’t go into any of the DPI settings it’s pretty standard you can actually which I mean if you’re really into your sensitivity you can go in here and you can set the different level so like one this is you know one click then you click it again it’s level two click it again level three then it cycles through I just left him a default there pretty pretty fine they work in Linux as well um you can set all your speeds and portray down the why you’d want to go lower but again I’m not an uber pro gamer so you make use of that one thing that’s a fun to note is I did not pick its the macro you can set different macros in here could be seen as an unfair situation but it also could be awesome for productivity if you do a lot of clicky things with work stuff I don’t know I’ve never used mouse macros on a actual mouse setting level anyways guys thanks for watching hopefully you’ve enjoyed this small review on the mouse that I’m using currently and look forward to seeing you next time thanks for watching please hit subscribe if you liked this video

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