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Alternatives To A Traditional Computer Desk

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Everyone thinks that a computer desk is just what’s ideal for computers both at work and at home. Of course, I agree with such reasoning but then, this reasoning fails to consider some factors that could make the use of a computer desk almost impossible.

Some of these factors are environmental space, mobility and though some people don’t like to consider it, you really won’t need all the space on the desktop if you’re using a compact-sized computer.

 All of these bring us to the question of if there are viable alternatives to a traditional desk. Of course, there are such alternatives and I’ll be listing out eight of them. Not to worry, I made sure that they’re durable and sturdy so your computer doesn’t fall off when you’re using it.

Our Top Picks For The Best Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk


YJ Home Stores

High-Quality Foldable Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

Foldable computer desks are ideal for a work environment where spaces are limited and they are wonderful alternatives to traditional computer desks. This foldable desk from YJ home stores is one of the best foldable desks that you can use if your environment does not permit the regular computer desk. It requires no assembling, has an adjustable height, it’s waterproof, sturdy, and can be easily folded before and after use. 

 It is made of melamine-coated high-density board and steel, can carry a load of 300kg, and is sized at 31.5” x 15.75” x 29.5”. It also has a strong bearing capacity and a bracket made of high-quality square steel tube.

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Flash Laptop Desk

Adjustable Table Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

Your laptop wouldn’t take up as much space as a workstation hence a regular computer desk might not be the best option, especially if you’re working in a small space. Laptop desks are designed in a way that they can also be used both for speaking and working on your laptop. 

Flash furniture doesn’t fail to deliver elegant and durable furniture and this laptop desk is an embodiment of both features. It has a nice half-moon-shaped black laminate top, with a height-adjustable frame and a five-star nylon base with dual-wheel casters for easy mobility. It is sized at 25.25” W x 27-36.5” H and has a good load capacity 

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Fitueyes Standing Desk

Standing Table Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

The numerous ergonomic benefits that accompany standing desks have made them one of the surest ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially if you’re always busy at work.  The Fitueyes standing desk comes fully assembled to help you get right to business and maintain a healthy lifestyle while at work.

Its adjustable height can be alternated between 19.8” and 4.3” via the dual gas spring which makes it also suitable for use while sitting. It is measured at 31.5” x 15.7” with a desktop space that is enough for a single monitor, dual monitor, laptop, and computer monitor setups that weigh up to 33lbs.

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Techni Mobil

Rolling Desk Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

The regular picture of a computer desk is meant to be fixed to a spot but this option offers you mobility – a computer desk that moves. 

Its rolling feature is enabled by its nylon wheels with locking casters and it is also ergonomically designed with a pull-out keyboard tray and two shelves that are strategically positioned. 

This desk is made of heavy-duty MDF panels with a waterproof PVC laminated Vaneer in beautiful graphite finishing.  

It also has a scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame and adjustable front and sides. The Techni Mobil rolling desk is measured at 19.7” x 27.5” x 36” and it has a five-year limited warranty. 

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Bedside Desk Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

Sometimes, getting out of bed might seem a harder task than the ones on your computer and you just wish you can get everything done in bed. Well, these bedside desks offer you such flexibility as a wonderful alternative to sitting at a traditional computer desk all day long.  Originally designed as a couch table, it can also be used as a laptop desk via its adjustable height of 26.8” to 35”. 

It is built with chipboard,  four wheels that aids easy mobility, and a 360°  rotation top.  It has a swivel top, a normal desktop, two storage drawers, and a side book coverage. 

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Lap Desk Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

Unlike the laptop desk that was previously listed, this lap desk from Hetthi is built to function as a laptop stand and a laptop desk that can be used while in bed, on the sofa, or on the floor. It is made of durable high density resistant granular leather that is resistant to stain, wear,  and water. It also has a silicone baffle and movable stopper that helps the items placed on it to remain intact even when the desk is tilted. 

 It has an adjustable height of 9.45” to 13.35”  and measurement of 23.6” x 15.7” which makes it suitable for laptops that are 17” and above. It also has a tablet slot, a phone slot, and a storage drawer. It is foldable and can be used for different things such as a dining table and a writing desk.

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Furrinno Writing Desk

Writing Desk Alternative To A Traditional Computer Desk

Oh yes, a writing desk has a stylish and functional design that makes it a wonderful alternative to a traditional computer desk and this Furrinno writing desk is a viable alternative to the popular picture of what a traditional desk looks like and functions as. It is built from particle board, non-woven bins, and PVC tubes made from recycled plastic.  It is sized at 39.4” W x 34.1” H and it also has provisions for a slide-out keyboard drawer, CPU storage, and a non-woven drawer.

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Martin Hartford Credenza


The simple design of a credenza and its firm surface that can provide sturdy support for computers makes it a viable alternative to traditional computer desks.

This Martin credenza is built with a twelve-step two-toned hand-rubbed finish that adds to its beauty when positioned in your office. It also has two locking file drawers that can accommodate any size of the document and four utility drawers that act as a storage facility for different types of documents and simple stationeries. 

The drawers are built with full suspension steel ball-bearing drawer glides that provide drawer support. It is sized at 31” W x 69.5” H and it comes with two grommets for cable management and a five-year warranty.

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We’ve also got other products under the subcategories that have been listed. Rest assured that they are well built with durable materials and come with a lot of positive reviews from users. 


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