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What To Do With Old Computer Desk?

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Now that you’ve gotten a new computer desk, and your old desk does not suit your new workspace, you’re faced with the question of what to do with your old computer desk.

Of course, you can’t leave it lying around to pile up dirt in the surroundings and occupy space without being useful. Instead of throwing it away, these are five (5) five great ideas that you could put to use when thinking of what to do with your old computer desks.


1. Sell it

Selling your old computer desks is a very logical thing to do with an old computer desk especially if it is still in usable condition but not suitable for the new work environment and you don’t have any plan to repurpose them.

Your selling power can be influenced by a number of things such as the general condition of the desks, the sturdiness, and sometimes the style of the desk. You can sell it on sites such as eBay, and market place amongst others.

2. Study table

A computer desk can be old furniture if a new one arrives. This mostly leaves you with repurposing it into something else and a study desk is one of the many things that you can do with an old computer desk. A study desk can be very useful either for you or a child that wants one. If your computer desk has drawers, it could come in handy for storing stationeries, and some documents needed while studying.

3.    Kitchen / Dining table

One of the reasons why a computer desk can be perfectly repurposed as a kitchen or dining table is the width and the sturdiness. Of course, it won’t be a wobbly desk to hold your computers, or if it is, a little carpentry here and there should fix it.  

4.    Dressing table 

If your bedside table is always choked up with accessories, magazines, and other items, you can transform your old computer desk into a dressing table without sacrificing too much. Such transformation is most ideal for a computer desk with drawers that will serve as storage options. 

5.    Counter table

If you don’t mind doing a little carpentry to repurpose your old computer desks, then a counter table is one good way to make your old computer table useful again. It can be used both at the receptionist post, at your man cave, pub, at work, or in a strategic position in the house. 


 You can give your old computer desks a second chance at life by making them useful in some other ways because there are tons of things you can do with an old computer desk. I hope that the ideas given above came in handy for you. If you are looking for a good computer desk to replace the old ones, we’ve got something for you too.


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