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Best 40 Inch Wide Computer Desk

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A major issue that comes with computer desks is the question of if it is wide enough or not. I don’t like it when a desk takes up almost all the space in the room but then, I want it to hold everything that I’ll need!

If you are on this ship, I am seriously telling you to sail towards a computer desk that is 40 inches wide. A 40 inches computer desk fits into almost any kind of business. It comes in the usual options such as a gaming desk, a standing desk, and of course a multifunctional regular desk.

Picking a desk that comfortably caters to your needs can be very tasking especially if it comes with certain specifications such as the width.  If sticking to 40″ is not required, then check out our overall best desks page. Heartily complied 3 best 40″ wide computer desks that are comfortable, spacious, and can adequately facilitate work processes. So, despite being unsatisfied with your present desk, bear in mind that it won’t be a pal as long you read through this!

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best 40 Inch Wide Computer Desk


Atlantic Original Gaming Desk Pro

40 Inch Wide Gaming Desk

I have nothing but praises for this desk; it is made with the interest of gamers in mind. Designed for all types of gaming adventures, it is highly durable, sturdy, and includes a charging stand for your phone. It has a charcoal fiber laminated desktop and a curvy front that provides comfort and enough space for your monitor, keyboard, games, laptop, speakers, and other cables that you’ll like to place on this sturdy desk.

You’ll agree with me that sounds contribute to gaming vibes and this 40 Inch wide gaming desk addresses this issue. It has a speaker stand which can also double as a storage for your games. It also has other amazing features such as an under-desk basket, controller stands, built-in wire management, rear power strip holder, a cup holder, a headphone/VR headset hook, a compartment underneath that holds the power cables and a removable yet impressive monitor stand that can comfortably support a 32-inch monitor. As a finishing touch, this desk has a durable steel leg construction and is very easy to clean. It is a piece of gaming furniture that is worth having. It is uniquely styled, comfortable, and adds a touch of class and elegance to your gaming room.

Pros and Cons


  • It is very sturdy
  • It is spacious and can accommodate many gaming cables
  • It is easy to assemble


  • It may require additional tools for assembling
  • It is heavy

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Joiscope Computer Desk

40 Inch Wide Regular Desk

If you’re in search of a desk that can be used for writing, studying, dining, performing office tasks, and other multifunctional related duties, then this  40 Inches Wide Regular Desk is the single answer to your many prayers.

It is beautiful and simply designed to meet your requirements. Made from quality and durable materials such as premium steel and clipboard, it is easy to clean and comes in three beautiful colors. it has a compact design that makes it suitable for study or a simple home office. Its strong iron frame legs have fittings that can be easily adjusted. A major feature of this 40 Inches wide regular desk is its shelves which provide extra storage space for items that you do not want to put on the table. No doubt, this desk is simple, yet aesthetically beautiful.

Pros and Cons


  • It is sturdy and spacious
  • It is multifunctional
  • It has additional storage options


  • The instruction manual is not very comprehensive
  • It has a combination of oval and circle holes, some of which are not properly screwed

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Rocelco DADR Height Adjustable Standing Desk

40 Inch Wide Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing desk are numerous. It has various health benefits such as reducing the risk of back pain which is accustomed to sitting, improving your mood, and boosting your mental energy which in turn helps to optimize your level of productivity.

With all these benefits, you should consider a 40 Inch Standing desk from Rocelco. It is a pocket-friendly solution that offers the benefits of standing while working. It has a large work surface and a grommet hole that can comfortably hold two 32 inches monitors. It also a retractable ergonomic keyboard tray that has a 4.5 inches spacing option between the keyboard tray and the desktop. This feature helps to prevent neck and back strain and keeps the arms and wrist in an ergonomic position. It has a 5-20 inches height adjustable option, a side handle, and a gas piston which allows for easy height adjustment. It has a sturdy metal frame which makes it very easy to grip. Rocelco DADR desk comes with a one year warranty with conditions attached.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a retractable ergonomic keyboard tray
  • It can be used when sitting
  • Its height is adjustable


  • Adjusting the heights might be difficult if it is not well assembled
  • Its instructions are not clearly printed

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40 inch desks are a great sized option for a computer desk. They are spacious, easy to move around, easily fit into any space, and are nice to look at. They are perfect if you’re hoping to maximize a little space.

I sincerely hope that this article proved to be very helpful in finding a 40 inch computer desk that you can’t wait to purchase. Just in case you didn’t find anything satisfactory here, there are more elegant and sturdy options on that could fit your needs.


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