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Cleaning A Gaming Desk

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Upon entering a room, the desk is the first thing that catches your attention, after the interior decoration of the room. In some cases, people notice the desk before looking around the room. In either case, what kind of person would you be perceived to be if your guests see a dirty and disorganized desk?

Keeping your gaming desk clean isn’t as hard as you think, and apart from the health benefits, a clean desk speaks a lot about the kind of person that you are. 

What cleaning product should I use?

Cleaning your gaming desk does not require sophisticated tools as it can be done with simple products which can be easily improvised with household products.  These products include: 

  • A microfiber cloth or a damp towel/ cloth, cleaning wipes. However, a microfiber cloth is preferred because of its high absorbing capacity and it does not leave streaks on surfaces when used.
  • A disinfectant. For best results, use Isopropyl alcohol to disinfect your tables from germs and bacteria. Isopropyl is preferred because it is suitable for different types of surfaces.
  • A cleaner. You can use a spray cleaner or a glass cleaner, depending on the type of desk surface. To save you the stress of buying different cleaners for different desk surfaces, you can use an all-surface cleaner that is suitable for cleaning desks with different surface types. 

What should I use to clean up dust?

You can use a duster made of microfiber strands that easily wipe away specks of dust. You can also use a microfiber cloth or cleaning wipes to wipe away specks of dust

How often should I clean my desk?

Maintaining a clean desk is much easier than having to scrub stubborn stains that are caused by inconsistent cleaning.

Cleaning your gaming desk ( which mostly involves wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth, a cleaner, and disinfectant) can be 5 minutes daily routine if you play games regularly. If not, you can clean it once in two days or make a schedule that suits your cleaning and gaming habits. 

Also, how often you clean your gaming desk can depend on the season and the color of your gaming desk. This is because black and glass gaming desks show more dust when compared to white gaming desks. 

You can also use a desktop cover to protect the desk surface and practice safe habits such as not eating on your gaming desk to prevent crumbs and spillage from drinks which can damage your desk. You should also avoid frequent use of furniture wax and oil because they attract dust. 


We spend a long amount of time at our desks every day and it is only right that we keep them clean. Keeping your desk clean also includes keeping it tidy by having a specific spot on your desk for each item and keeping it neat and well polished. If you want to explore more information, check our site.


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