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How Can I Play A PC Game Without A Desk

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Over time, our perspective on gaming always includes a cool gaming desk playing host to your giant-screen gaming monitors, your mechanical gaming keyboards and mouse, and other gaming accessories that constitute your gaming arsenal.

That’s a nice picture but sometimes, you just don’t have the resources (finances or space) for a gaming desk but hey, that shouldn’t stop you from playing a game. Yes, I said that right. Not having a gaming desk cannot and should not stop you from playing a game. So you’re asking the million-dollar question “How can I play a PC game without a desk?”

There are tons of options that can be substituted in place of a gaming desk while playing PC games and if you like, you can choose to play other kinds of games other than PC games. 

The alternatives to a gaming desk include an armchair or a couch, a gaming lapboard, a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse, a controller, a micro ITX gaming PC, and VESA mountable monitors. 

How Does This Work?

If you don’t have a gaming desk with which you can play PC games, you can use a couch or an armchair ( whichever that is available and is comfortable for you). For this to be functional,  you’ll need a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse. This is so that you do not have to stay close to the monitors and promote comfort while gaming on your couch or armchair. 

For the monitors, instead of using a gaming desk, you will have to VESA – mount your monitors on the wall, and do this, you have to ensure that your monitors are VESA wall mountable so that they can be ergonomically customized to your comfort.

Another alternative to creating a functional gaming station without a desk is to use a micro ITX gaming PC which is very small and can be placed on the floor ( although we advise that you place it 7” to 8 inches above the ground)  and if your monitor is not heavy, you can place it on the gaming PC or just beside it. 

You can also choose to use a controller, or play games on a PlayStation and such games can be played from the comfort of your couch.

Where To Put a PC If You Don’t Have a Desk?

When setting up your gaming station without a desk, there’s always the question of where to keep your gaming PC since you don’t have a desk. The absence of a desk gives us just a very limited option – on the floor.

 Although it is not entirely a great idea to keep your gaming PC on the floor because of dust, poor ventilation, etc. there are safer ways to keep a gaming PC on ground level without being at the risk of dust and insufficient ventilation that might cause overheating.

 You can do this by keeping the gaming PC 7” to 8” above ground level. You can also make a wooden box with holes to serve as ventilation ducts for the gaming PC and most importantly do not place your gaming PC  on the carpet. 

Is a Gaming Desk Important?

Even though you can play games without a gaming desk, it is very important to your general gaming setup and it is worth all the hype that it gets. This is because gaming desks are designed with features that are optimized for gaming. These features include a strong load-bearing capacity that makes it able to carry multiple monitors, stylish appeal to gamers, durability, and general comfort that it offers gamers. 

So yes, a gaming desk is important and despite the alternatives to a gaming desk, gaming is best enjoyed when played on a gaming desk.

Can You Do Gaming Without A PC

There are lots of games that you can play, some of which are not PC games and they are very enjoyable. If you do not have a PC, you can play games with a gaming laptop. Most gaming laptops have Bluetooth connectivity and can be easily connected to a PS4 controller and you do not need a desk to play such games. 

You can also choose to play with an Xbox controller or a Nintendo switch and both do not require a gaming PC to play most of the games available on their site. For information, check out our site


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