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How To Build an IKEA Gaming Desk

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Looking for customizable and affordable and all roads lead to IKEA. It ain’t much of a surprise as they have very good furniture that is durable and available in different price ranges, plus you get to choose your furniture parts, and how you want it to look most times. A lot of people will point you towards IKEA when you ask them about their gaming desks,  especially if you want to build/customize your gaming desk by yourself.

Even with such rush and excitement upon owning a gaming desk from IKEA, a lot of people are at wits when they think about how to build an IKEA gaming desk.

Well, to help you get through this, most of the desk parts come with a step-by-step assembly manual to make assembling a breeze.  Even so, there’s still a little bit of a problem because when building your gaming desk, most of your IKEA desk parts are from different manufacturers and although assembling them might be quite easy ( or not) when using the instruction manual, making these parts fit with each other to get your dream gaming desk is the problem. But not anymore. So here are quick and easy steps on how to build an IKEA gaming desk.

The first and probably the most important part of building an IKEA gaming desk is measuring your space. You don’t want to get a desk that’s bigger than your space or desk parts that are better suited to a corner when you intend to place it somewhere else. 

So, measure your space. Measuring Your space will guide you in selecting desk parts sizes that will fit into your space.  Also,  check the measurements of the tabletop to know if it’ll be suitable for the number of monitors and other gaming accessories that will be placed on it. 

One of the things that are loved about IKEA gaming desks is that you can customize the desk to suit whatever picture you have in mind. For instance, you might prefer to have drawers on one side of the desk and proper table legs on the other side. Of course, there are desk parts that are built to the same height and can do the trick. If you prefer to use drawers that will serve both as legs and storage, you can still get them on IKEA. ( ALEX drawers are a popular drawer and leg option among gamers). 

After assembling your drawers using the instruction manual, all you have to do is to place your choice tabletop on top of the drawers.  (  tabletop comes in different sizes, and wood types). If the height of the desk seems low, you can use furniture risers to raise the tabletop to a better height. 

However, before placing the tabletop on the desk, we recommend that you use sandpaper on the desk to get rid of dirty marks, and stains that were not well chipped off the desk. 

We also recommend that you wipe it clean with a disinfectant or alcohol to get rid of bacteria and lastly if you prefer to use a wooden desktop, a little bit of furniture oil would help the desk look new and shiny. It is not advisable to apply too much so that you don’t get dust on your desk.  

Most IKEA tabletops do not have screws and you’re simply required to just place the tabletop on the drawers or legs. Some drawers or table legs come with a sticky plastic bumper that should be placed on the top of the drawer before placing the desktop. Check out our site for more options.


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