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Best Cable Management Accessories

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Cable, cables, and more cables. You just have to deal with them, whether you like it or not. Although people are beginning to favor wireless connections, there are some applications and connections that still require wires. One of such situations is a computer monitor or workstation setup and for sure, you’ll get a decent interaction with multiple cables regularly. 

Tangled cables are practically inevitable when working with multiple cables, and apart from the irritation of disentangling them to know which works for which especially if you’re dealing with cables that look alike, it also poses tripping hazards in a vibrant working environment. 

All of these and more could be avoided by using a good cable management system. A good cable organizer does more than preventing tangled cables, it also ensures reduced signal interference to enhance system performance, and promotes a clean and more organized workspace. 

This article contains the best cable management accessories that you can have on your desk. They are made with top-notch durable materials that make them highly suitable for holding a host of cables in place. 

Our Top 10 Picks For The Best Cable Management Accessories



Single Cable Cable Management Accessory

It is designed with a large hole in the middle that makes it highly suitable for large cables that are not less than 7mm in diameter. It has a clear acrylic adhesive pad that makes it easy to stick to desks, walls, tables, and other flat surfaces. It is also easy to remove and leaves zero residues on surfaces after removal. 

This cable clip is made of high quality and safe material which makes it reusable and it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Cable box supported Cable Management Accessory

This cable box is convenient for storing surge protectors, power strips, and cables out of sight. It is fitting for six to twelve power strips and has two open ends where the cables can be singled out for use without tangling. 

Liantral prioritizes safety and that is why the edges of this cable box are curved to smoothness and rubber feet are attached to the base to make it sturdy.  It is made of a high density, anti-scratch surface and a fire retardant material that helps to manage and customize cord organization with minimum effort. 

Apart from the medium size, the literal cable management box is available in small and large size

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Multi-Cable Cable Management Accessory

Not a fan of drilling holes or sticking adhesive on surfaces as a form of cable management, then give this a shot. This handy cable organizer functions as a weighted cable clip that keeps cables in check and organized. It contains five rubber grips and four slots that make it easy to store multiple cables even on each other within one loop.

It is measured at 2.75 inches and its small size combined with its versatility makes it suitable for use in the kitchen, tables, and even on nightstands. 

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Cable Box Enabled Cable Management Accessory

If you’ve got eyes for white accessories, then you’ll love a white cable box functioning as a cable management accessory to store and protect power cables and other electronic devices from dust and dangling. 

The orico cable box is built with a

ABS materials and multiple ventilation holes at the bottom to support better heat dissipation and anti-slip pads at the bottom that makes it sturdy. It also has a detachable cover that makes it convenient for taking out the power cables and power strips for easy cleaning. 

Unlike others, this cable box has a wood print design on the surface with grooves that hold mobile phones to improve the visual experience. It also has a good insulating property and an excellent fireproof performance that prevents fire hazards caused by electricity. 

The orico cable box is made from high-quality materials and it has a 12-month return policy. 

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Strong Adhesive Cable Management Accessory

Cable clips are easy to install and their size makes it an easily mobile option for a cable management accessory.  The yuakuod cable clips are a pack of 60 strong adhesive and durable clips that are easy to remove and use on different types of surfaces such as walls, glass, plastic, metal, rubber, and wooden surfaces. It functions as a multipurpose cable organizer for cables that are even as small as 0.27”. 

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High-Temperature Resistance Cable Management Accessory

Suagara nylon zip ties is a cable management accessory that is designed as a nylon zip with a patented ratchet lock head and strong teeth for securing cables that weigh up to sixty pounds. It is made of new and approved nylon material that makes it flexible, and resistant to oil and greasy products as well as ultraviolet light. 

It has high industrial strength with high-temperature resistance, high toughness,  and good insulation properties. It also has rounded edges that make it easy to use and also double as a preventive measure against snagging. 

The Sugara cable ties come in  4”, 6”, 8” 10”, and 12” and each size has 100 pieces which makes it a total of 500 zip ties. It comes with a 60-day money-back and 24-month worry-free guarantee. 

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Easy Installation Cable Management Accessory

It uses an adhesive backing and a top opening that allows easy installation as well as easy access to cables. 

It also has an open channel for wire management systems This cable management accessory is ideal for condo or apartment dwellers 

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Durable Cable Management Accessory

This accessory is made of steel that makes it durable for holding power strips, power adapters, and various cables from being tangled. It is mostly suitable for wide surfaces, height-adjustable desks, and uses screws to attach to wood or wood-composite desks. 

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Screw Hooked Supported Cable Management Accessory

This cable management accessory is made of silicone, ABS materials, rubber material, and noise dampening technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tugs during use. 

It also has a 360°  rotation function that is integrated inside the cable holder that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble as well as adapt to different types of cable without slipping over when fixing them. 

Its compatibility cuts across a wide range of wired virtual reality accessories and it can be set up with either adhesive or screw hooks,

It comes with seven ceiling screw hooks, eight adhesive hooks, an Allen wrench, a ring hook, a user guide manual, and an 18-month product warranty. 

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Vari Under Desk Tray

Under Desk Cable Management Accessory

Designed as an under-desk tray for electric standing desks,  the vary under desk tray is highly effective for routing and storing cables, and power strips off standing desks via two holes that are located on both ends of the tray. It uses a rotating metal mounting bracket to attach to the standing desk in very simple steps. It is easy to use, durable and an all-time solution to cable management of standing desks.

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Like it or not, cables will always have a mind of their own and in most situations, they don’t align with ours. One way to tailor cables the way that we want is to use a cable management accessory and this article has got every option available. 

I hope that this article proved to be resourceful in your search for cable management accessories but if you still want to search for more options, you’ll find them on

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