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Nothing beats the functionality of computer desks that are elegant and even provide additional storage options to the users. Most importantly, office and home furniture sets have evolved over the years and at present, there are highly innovative products in the market that come with a host of secondary benefits besides accommodating a professional workstation. A computer armoire is one such option, best known for the unmatched utility and unquestionable versatility on display.

A computer armoire comes across as a computer desk with doors or features shelving support for improved storage. If you are looking for regular computer desks, be sure to check out that page too. In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about three products that are quite popular and retailing over select online platforms.

Let’s dive in!

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Computer Armoire


Walker Edison Secretary Hutch Wood Desk

If you are precisely looking for a white computer armoire desk, the one featured by Walker Edison is undoubtedly the best possible option. Unlike an overwhelming armoire desk with massive doors, this product is aesthetically enhanced and categorized mainly as a multifunctional storage unit with a hutch. Be it the arrangement of cubbies at the top or the resourceful wooden drawers in the middle, this computer armoire is a stand-out performer. 

The best thing about this product is that besides offering extensive storage options to the users, it also doubles down as a resourceful computer desk. There is a dedicated central drawer at the helm that allows you to set up a workstation, without having to worry about cable management. 

This open-ended computer armoire from Walker Edison features on our courtesy of the diverse aesthetic improvements over other computer armoire desks. To start with there are ample secondary storage options with three wooden drawers, added into the mix. The adjustable shelves are essential inclusions followed by the all-encompassing library hutch with a dual-door arrangement.

Made of engineered wood and industry-grade metal at select places, this is a scratch-proof computer armoire desk with a massive client base. Last but not least, installing the same is quite straightforward if you follow the instructions carefully. 

Pros and Cons


  • Drop-Down front drawer and other smaller cabinets
  • Exceptional manufacturing quality
  • Library hutch at the bottom with adequate storage space


  • Heavier than usual 
  • The surface isn’t chip-resistant

Editors’ Rating – 5 out of 5

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Selva Computer Armoire Desk

Here is a solid wood computer armoire that features several additional structural elements like a dedicated hutch, a separate cabinet for the CPU, and even a keyboard-storing shelf. However, the aesthetics associated with this product are different as compared to a basic computer desk with doors. On this innovative product from SELVA, we get open-ended panel doors with an armoire frame to rely on.

Other essential specs include the storage cubby for the CPU and the pull-out shelf for keyboards and additional documents. What stands out is the inclusion of three adjustable yet open shelves, capable of accommodating printers and other home essentials. This product works as a convenient workspace and frees up a lot of home and office space. However, you can always close the doors once the work is over and the products, in its entirety, looks like a towering, 52” cabinet. 

The manufacturing quality, involving engineering, water-resistant wood further adds to the credibility of this intuitive computer desk with doors. Besides that, there are soft yet durable hinges with metallic undertones which make door closing easier as compared to other desks. 

This computer armoire desk from SELVA has an overwhelming presence but it looks quite aesthetic, provided you are considering this as your home workstation. 

Pros and Cons


  • Featured printer shelf and CPU cubby
  • Inclusion of three sizeable shelves that are height adjustable
  • Sturdy frame with good-looking panel doors


  • Humongous structure
  • Wide Armoire desk that takes up enough space

Editors’ Rating- 4.5 out of 5

Check it out on Amazon.

Sauder Harbor View Computer Armoire

This product features on our list purely on the basis of the aesthetics and antiqued finishing elements. Although you can use this as a corner armoire computer desk, it primarily comes across as a solid wooden structure with multiple structural elements. When it comes to manufacturing quality, this product flaunts high-quality engineered wood, clubbed with paint finish and sturdy yet soft hinges with metallic underlining.

In terms of structural components, the Sauder Harbor computer armoire desk provides a space-saving section at the top which acts like a hutch and accommodates select decorative elements. The majority of the desk body features open cabinets for storing keyboard, printers, CPU, and whatnot. The expansive storage unit for the monitor is adequate enough for basic to advanced professional requirements.

The slide-out sections make way for a versatile storage unit. However, the entire workstation can be encapsulated courtesy of the louvered door panels. When closed, the product looks like a 68” cabinet with a 10” inch open hutch at the top. The best thing about this computer armoire is that it has multiple sub-sections within the 68-inch structure, capable of freeing up a lot of home and office space. 

Pros and Cons


  • Proper segregation of shelves, slide-out sections, and storage panels 
  • 10-inch open hutch at the top with aesthetic significance
  • Bottom-down adjustable shelves for accommodating a massive amount of office supplies


  • The product isn’t chip-resistant
  • Hutch at the top isn’t resourceful enough

Editors’ Rating- 4.5 out of 5

Check it out on Amazon.


There are several versions of computer armoire desks that are currently retailing online. However, we have listed three of the most usable options, based on their functional nature and enviable versatility.

The final selection, however, is at your discretion. For instance, if you are looking for a computer armoire with louvered panel and doors, you can opt for the ones featured by SELVA and Sauder. However, if you are looking for a more aesthetic selection for your office or home, with open-ended shelves, the Walker Edison desk is the one to purchase.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in these computer armoires, then feel free to continue your search over on Amazon.


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