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Best Computer Desk and Chair Sets

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Are you are looking to set up a functional workstation or battlestation at home? If so, these computer desk and chair sets are some of the best options to consider. While you can always purchase chairs and computer tables separately, getting a set is a good way to avoid size and alignment related issues. Also, you can get good deals on these sets. If you are not looking for a set, maybe check out our page on the best overall desks.

In this post we will discuss three of the best computer desk and chair sets. The first product brings in high-quality bamboo, whereas the second product makes way for an ergonomic workstation. The last desk and chair set in our list is a compact unit with ample storage space.

Let’s dive in!

Our Picks for the Top 3 Best Computer Desk and Chair Sets


Multi-Function Computer Desk and Chair

  • Made out of quality bamboo
  • Versatile product with diverse functionalities
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Editors’ Rating – 4.5 out of 5

Here is an extremely productive set that looks great and brings environment-friendly materials into the mix. Furthermore, if you are interested in a compact and streamlined workstation, this computer desk and chair set is the one to consider. We selected this product purely on the basis of aesthetics. If you are planning to set up a working space, design elements can be very important. Moreover, the units, in unison, are multi-functional, and you can also use the arrangement for reading. 

Our Review

This multi-function set is a smooth, elegant, and extremely stylish for some homes. The inclusion of bamboo, as the manufacturing component, is a path-breaking effort from the company. Besides exceptional artistry, this set offers ample space to the users. The table is 72cm tall, which is a pretty standard workstation height. In addition to that, the 100 cm length offers ample space for accommodating an extensive gamut of electronic items. The chair is equally durable and 42-cm tall.

When it comes to improvements, we would have liked some additional space to go with captivating aesthetics.

This is one multi-functional table and chair set that excels in terms of design, height-based perks, and eye-pleasing traits. Most importantly, the product isn’t just a basic computer table but offers extreme levels of comfort, even if you are only interested in sitting and reading for hours on end.

Check it out on Amazon.

Timber Cheese – Ergonomic Office Desk & Chair

  • Made of high-end Copolymer
  • Aesthetic design elements
  • Eye-pleasing color combinations
  • Editors’ Rating – 4.2 out of 5

If you are looking for a professional desk and chair set that looks great and offers extreme levels of durability, this is the product to consider. The entire setup can be assembled within minutes. We zeroed in on this productive set precisely for the size and weight carrying capacity. While the table is strong and pretty wide, the chair flaunts a contoured mesh, copolymer structure, and a padded seat.

Our Review

  • Massive storage space
  • Combines pine, MDF, and beech as the underlining components
  • Extremely durable
  • Editors’ Rating – 4 out of 5

This is one of the few computer desks and chair sets that offer the highest-quality of sitting arrangement to the buyers. While the steel-infused desk is expectedly strong, it is the chair that is the market mover with the cushioning and armrest in play.

If we are to suggest improvements, this product combination from Timber Cheese could have persisted with a better set of bolts and a more durable shock absorber. 

This product excels in several departments, with physical durability being one of the essential aspects. Apart from that, the width of the desk is more than adequate when it comes to setting up a productive workstation or battlestation. Last but not least, the chair also offers decent height adjustment support, which is a great feature to have, especially when you have different individuals accessing the setup.

Check it out on Amazon.

Lipper International – 584WN Workstation

Although the online retail store lists this as a kid-centric workstation, it is not kid sized and is a great choice even for office setups and home-based workstations. This setup belongs to the workstation category but comes with ample space, in regard to storing books and other supplies. We selected this product as it brings a sense of newness to the list courtesy of a sizeable drawer and a wide desk surface.

Our Review

This product from Lipper International features pine, beech, and the medium density fiberboard as the manufacturing components. Moreover, the pecan finish brings in a captivating aesthetic element to this Workstation.

When it comes to betterment suggestions, this computer desk and chair setup might be a bit small for well-built individuals. Moreover, we would have expected a much sleeker workstation with a more streamlined design.

This product excels in the aesthetic department as the espresso shade complements every kind of décor. The bookshelf on display is quite sizeable and allows users to store essentials that cannot be accommodated onto the surface. The chair height is set at 28 inches, which is still a decent height considering the other attributes on display.

Check it out on Amazon.


Although each one of the mentioned products is worth investing in, we would recommend the multi-function set purely on the basis of innovative material choice and streamline design. The entire combination looks compact, and the color choice is also exemplary.

However, if you are purchasing something for a corporate setup, the product from Timber Cheese feels relevant. Last but not least, the Lipper International Workstation is a good-looking combination of computer desk and chair, perfectly suitable if you want some additional space underneath the surface, like a bookshelf or a sizeable drawer.

As always, if you are not satisfied with out top 3 picks here, feel free to continue your search over on Amazon.


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