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Best Computer Desk With Locking Drawers

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Modern desks are designed to provide spaces for your computer components and peripherals in a clever way. Features such as openings in the rear for cables and flip down keyboard trays are definitely nice to have. Plenty of regular computer desks have that stuff. However, what you are really here for are the locking drawers to keep those people out of your stuff.

Let’s dive in!

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Computer Desk With Locking Drawers


Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk 

At first glance, the Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk reveals a beautiful minimalist design. With a triangular frame on the left side and a four-foot support on the right, this computer desk ticks all the boxes in terms of design. The black glass top introduces an elegant appearance on the desk while providing steady support for your desktop or laptop PC. It is made of 7mm thick glass so it is crack proof and shatterproof at the same time.

In addition to stunning looks, the Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk also provides ample storage for you. This is presented in form of a trio of drawers finished in obsidian black color. The drawers have brushed aluminum handles and they are also lockable for guaranteed security.

This rectangular desk can be placed in any part of your home office. It also sits on rubber glides that provide a firm grip while also protecting your floor from scratches that could be caused by the metallic frame of this desk. Furthermore, the rubber glides exhibit a self-leveling characteristic which ensures that the desk is always flat and easy to use.

The Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk weighs only 90 pounds so you can move it from one spot to the next easily. Upon arrival, it requires some light assembly and can be accomplished with simple tools. With the Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk, your work life is made easier and much more elegant.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a beautiful design
  • Its glass top is thick and robust
  • It provides lockable storage
  • Its feet are covered in rubber plugs
  • Its frame is strong and rustproof


  • You have to assemble it before use

Why this is the best computer desk for you

The Flash Furniture Black Glass Computer Desk is a fantastic computer desk for you because it combines functionality and beauty perfectly. It provides ample lockable storage space and its rectangular shape allows for flexible placement in your office.

Check it out on Amazon.

Inval America Laura Collection Computer Desk 

Available in a beautiful Laricina White color, the Inval America Laura Collection Computer Desk is an excellent piece of furniture for your home office. The desk is made of P2 engineered wood and covered with melamine laminates decorated in this amazing color. Due to this construction, the desk is scratch, heat and stain resistant. It is also lined on all edges with some 15mm banding that results in guaranteed durability.

The Inval America Laura Collection Computer Desk has a pedestal on each end. The left pedestal has two lockable drawers while the right one has three lockable drawers. They all sit on metal slides and contain chromed metal button handles. A nice touch on this desk is the large bottom storage drawers on each end that provide enough space to hold legal size documents upright. Even better, these drawers extend fully thus providing maximum access on demand.

You can move this computer desk around easily because it weighs only 89.3 pounds. This also contributes to easier assembly after the desk arrives. Through its design and construction, the Inval America Laura Collection Computer Desk provides enhanced storage and a beautiful design.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a gorgeous design
  • This computer desk is made of high quality, durable materials
  • It has lockable drawers
  • The desk is light enough for easy movement


  • It can arrive in terrible condition
  • This desk requires extensive assembly

Why this is the best computer desk for you

From the first time you see it, this computer desk has a beautiful styling and quite a lot of storage. The Inval America Laura Collection Computer Desk is made of highly durable materials so it is built to last. It is a fantastic asset to add in your home office!

Check it out on Amazon.

Benzara Wooden Desk

Do you love the rustic look on your furniture? If this is so, the Benzara Wooden Desk is an excellent option for you. This desk has a beautifully angled dark taupe or brown color that can complement any type of interior decor. The computer desk features a desk pad upon which you can place your laptop or tablet computer. It also has pedestals on each end where each unit has two small drawers and two large ones.

You can store accessories and stationery in the upper drawers while the lower ones are fully suited for large letter-size documents. The drawers are accentuated with black cutouts which replace handles and provide a fantastic contrasting appearance. Your comfort is also promoted by a solid backboard that secures your seating area. In this way, your privacy is maintained should you be sitting across from a client or business associate. With a weight of only 55.8 pounds, the Benzara Wooden Desk is an excellent work station for your home office.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a beautiful appearance
  • This desk delivers ample storage
  • It provides substantial desktop space
  • The desk utilizes classy cutouts instead of handles


  • The drawers are not lockable

Why this is the best computer desk for you

 With the Benzara Wooden Desk, you can work in a beautiful, comfortable environment. The desk contains a lot of storage space. It is also made of strong wood so it will last for decades. This computer desk is more than just furniture, it is an asset!

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Your efficiency and effectiveness while working depend heavily on the desk at hand. You need a large desk with spacious storage so as to work on your laptop or desktop computer. Its levels also need to be placed at the correct ergonomic height for your spinal health. The models reviewed here all meet these requirements and even exceed expectation with locking drawers for peace of mind.

Out of these, the Inval America Laura Collection Computer Desk proves to be the best. This computer desk with locking drawers is gorgeous and provides a lot of space for your computer, stationery and accessories. It’s color combination ensures that this desk can fit into numerous interior decor styles effortlessly.

If you did not like any of these options, then please feel free to search over on Amazon for more options.


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