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Best Computer Desks 36-Inches Wide

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Having the right workstation size can be vital for your professional fulfillment. Computer desks that are 36 inches wide can be a preference for the right size, or a requirement for a space that demands it. Either way, these computer tables are some of best ones in the market for being specifically 36″ wide. We have written about the best computer desks overall here.

In the following sections, we take three different yet highly utilitarian computer tables into consideration. While the first product is a standard workstation, the next one is an electric, standing computer table. The final product in our list revisits the concept of mobile workstations with a 36-inch width for accommodating other utilities. Let’s dive in.

Top 3 Best Computer Desks That Are 36-Inches Wide

The Office Oasis – Small Computer Desk

  • Built-in tray for organizing those messy cables that usually hang behind the workstations.
  • Unmatched strength courtesy of the steel tubing, clubbed further with waterproofing capabilities.
  • Editors Rating: 5 out of 5

Here is one product from The Office Oasis that comes with a 36-inch wide surface. Precisely, this product fits the description of a writing desk with extended capabilities of a computer-specific workstation. We picked this product solely due to the sturdiness on display, followed by the inclusion of thick and strong steel tubing. Apart from that, the company offers a damage-free guarantee on the product. 

This product from The Office Oasis takes pride in the specialized, built-in wire organizer. This feature clearly distinguishes the product from the others and readily places it at the top of our selection. 


A small and compact computer desk that is 36 inches wide and fits almost anywhere! In addition to that, the desk frame is more robust than most of the other counters in the market. The topmost surface is an inch thick and boasts of waterproofing capabilities, in case you spill something accidentally.

As far as improvements go, the top surface isn’t chip-resistant despite the company offering a damage-free guarantee on the same. A lacquer coating would have been the perfect inclusion. 

We selected this product due to its aesthetics and the innovation it brings to the table courtesy of the cable organizer.

Check it out on Amazon.

Mount-It – Electric Standing 36-inch wide workstation

  • Supports phone charging courtesy of the existing USB port.
  • Helps improve posture as you can either stand or sit for using the motorized workstation.
  • Editors Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This product belongs to the category of electric workstations, manufactured by a company called Mount-It. The primary reason for picking this product is the electrical flexibility it brings into the mix. Here is one of the few computer desks 36-inches wide that can function as a workstation while helping you charge the phone, simultaneously. This feature allows you to keep the device closer to the computer, in case of requirements. 


Provided you are looking for a motorized and height-adjustable computer table that is 36 inches wide, this electric standing workstation from Mount-It is a perfect choice. We included this product in this discussion courtesy of the exceptionally sturdy base, capable of tolerating a load of around 33 pounds. Apart from that, this product saves a lot of space, and we can use the same either sitting or standing. Therefore, posture improvement is also possible. Furthermore, ample hardware options are drafted into the product, thereby supporting the inclusion of an ergonomic keyboard. 

The only improvement which we would like is for the company to allow increased height adjustment support. At present, the product moves vertically from 6.25 inches to 17 inches, and a bit of increment is undoubtedly desirable.

Overall, this standing workstation makes our list due to the electrical capabilities and the unmatched sturdiness on offer.

Check it out on Amazon.

Seville Classics – Mobile Workstation

  • Swivel wheels to move the workstation from one place to the other.
  • Satin Pewter finishing that helps protect the 36-inches wide computer desk from corrosion.
  • Editors rating 4 out of 5

Interested in mobile workstations with ample space on the top! If yes, then this product from Seville Classics in the one to consider! To start with, this is a sturdy product that is easy to assemble. Not just that, the height-adjustable stand is a winner as it fits perfectly with the user requirements. The lower shelf is crafted meticulously, whereas the topmost surface is chip-resistant and further strengthened by polyurethane. 


Here is an enterprising computer desk 36 inches wide that comes with hardy and functional swiveling wheels. Most importantly, dragging the device isn’t an issue courtesy of the high-end wheels and smoothest possible transitions. Apart from that, the butcher-block surface is aesthetically pleasing. Stability, despite the wheels, is never an issue.

If we are to suggest improvements, we would ask Seville Classics to do away with the industrial outlook. Here is one brilliant device that deserves a fitting makeover sans any feature modifications.

We included this in our list due to its mobility. While we did talk about static workstations and desks, it was only appropriate to bring in some innovation into the scheme of things.

Check it out on Amazon.


The final product selection depends on your preferences. If you are looking for a minimalist computer desk, the one from The Office Oasis is the one to consider. However, for a tech-savvy professional who isn’t only sitting at his or her desk, the Mount-It electric desk is the best option in the market.

On the other hand, the moving desk from Seville Classics also deserves a special mention due to its innovative aesthetics, extended durability, easy assembly, and indeed the swivel wheels on offer. The one from Seville Classics wins the race if you are strictly looking at value for money.

As always, if you did not find what you are looking for here, feel free to continue your search over on Amazon.

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