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After addressing several factors that you think are responsible for stress and can hinder your productivity and agility at work or home, have you considered taking care of your feet?

I’m pretty sure that you do not consider it necessary to be ergonomically concerned about your feet but hey, do I have to remind you that your legs and feet support you throughout the day and as such should be ergonomically catered for by simply treating them to a footrest at your computer?

Why is footrest at the computer important?

A footrest is designed to provide comfort to your legs by relieving tension and pressure on your legs while you work or relax. Its design helps you relax naturally while improving the circulation of blood to your legs. Some gaming chairs even come with them.

It is also an item of suitable ergonomic furniture that comes highly recommended for the correction and improvement of bad sitting postures, and relieving of knee and back pain. 

This article aims to serve as a buying guide to your choice of a computer footrest. It contains the best three footrests that are currently available in the market. The selected footrests are largely ergonomic with different designs and styles that provide comfort and support to your legs and feet. 

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computer Footrest


ErgoFoam Adjustable Footrest

Foam Footrest

Recently awarded the best under desk footrest of 2020, the Ergofoam adjustable footrest is designed to provide stability and support for your feet and legs while improving and correcting your sitting posture.

This footrest is made with soft velvet foam that makes it a comfortable support system for your legs while ensuring proper circulation of blood to your legs when you’re working. 

It employs an innovative height-adjustable feature that employs ease in adjusting the height of this footrest to either a 3.9” or a 5.9” to suit the demands and comfort of the user. 

It has a two-sided design that features a footstool rocker on one side and a plush footrest on the other side. The combination of these two sides is to promote versatility, support, and comfort in a style that is more preferred by the user. 

The Ergofoam adjustable footrest is designed in different sizes and materials to suit different individual needs and preferences. It is sturdy, comfortable, and backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Pros and Cons


  • Its material is made of velvet.
  • It has two levels of adjustable height.
  • It is backed by a lifetime warranty


  • It gets dirty easily.
  • Its material makes it receptive to water.

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Huano Adjustable Ergonomic Footrest

Massage Footrest 

Have you ever fantasied about the heavenly feeling of having a feet massage while working? No doubt it is relaxing and soothing and while having a  busy and stress-filled day at work, this is exactly what you need. Well, your wishes just played out in the design of the Huano footrest. 

This footrest employs a massaging texture that aids active blood circulation in the feet without compromising comfort and support to your feet while you work. 

It features three levels of height adjustment with options for a 3.9”, 5.3”, and a 6.5” height adjustment as well as a free-floating platform that makes the footrest tilt from -30° to ± 30°  while promoting free and full leg stretches as well as lower-leg movement. 

The Huano footrest is pre-assembled and stays very firm while it is being used. Its design is highly effective for providing ergonomic and lumbar support, correcting knee pain, and bad sitting postures. It is durable, reliable, and backed with a 5-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • It has three levels of adjustable height.
  • It has a massaging texture. It had a five-year warranty


  • It does not have a non-skid base.
  • It has a plain look.

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HiHydro Footrest

Multipurpose Footrest

The major catcher of this footrest is its versatility. It is well built to be sturdy and comfortable, making it a suitable choice of the footrest that can be situated under a desk, in a car, at home, and even on a train. It has a strong bearing capacity and can support a maximum weight of 120 pounds while it is being used as a temporary maintenance cushion. 

The HongTai footrest is built with iron and strong plastic that provides firm support, comfort, and relaxation to your legs. It can be easily adjusted to four different heights and tilt angles to provide premium comfort and suitable support.  

This footrest has a dual design that features massage beads on the surface and soft cushioning on the other part.  It is sturdy, lightweight, durable, and foldable for easy portability and storage. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has four levels of height adjustment.
  • It is foldable and printable.
  • It employs two different types of design on each side.


  • Its base is not detachable.
  • The metals make a squeaking noise when they’re being adjusted.

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Your ergonomic office is incomplete if it doesn’t include a Footrest. It holds a lot of ergonomic benefits that can contribute immensely to your productivity either while using a traditional desk or a standing desk.

I hope that this article was informative and helped you conclude with an informed investment decision as it concerns Footrest. If you still want to look at more options, you’ll find them on


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