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Best Light Blue Desk Chair

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Colors are one of the silent factors that influence productivity directly or indirectly in our working environment. It influences our thoughts, moods and behavior. Color experts assert that the visual effect of a desk chair can send signals to the brain to ignite the production of hormones responsible for effective productivity.

Walking into an office and setting eyes on a beautiful mild colored desk chair can set the mood for the whole day – right from the feeling of being welcomed to a feeling of enthusiasm to start the day and even to a feeling of peace and a whisper of strength – and that is what the light blue color signifies. 

This article is a selection of 3 light blue desk chairs that create a professional image, encourages productivity and doesn’t give you health-related problems caused by sitting posture when working.

Let’s dive in!

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Light Blue Desk Chair


Christopher Knight Home

A Light Blue Home Desk Chair.

This elegant home office chair adds a cozy touch to professionalism and is perfect for your home office. It is designed in a way that supports comfortable long sitting hours for study or work. It’s cushy upholstered seat is nicely supported by chrome-based wheels that allows for easy and flexible movement without scratching the floor of your office room.

It’s cozy and inviting look is a credit to its polyester material which is resistant to shrinking hence ensuring it’s durability. The armrest is nicely built to a 25 inches height when measured from the floor and provides comfort while supporting your productivity level. Another beautiful thing about this desk chair is that its seat height can be easily adjusted by the lever underneath the chair to a position that suits you.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily Adjustable height
  • It has chrome-based wheels that does not scratch the floor


  • It does not tilt backward
  • It might not be very comfortable for a very tall person

Check it out on Amazon.

Steel Case Series 1

A Light Blue Ergonomic Desk Chair.

It is tiring to sit in a particular spot without any support for flexible movement. Aiming to improve your sitting experiences, steel case designed a desk chair that caters for this need. This ergonomic chair is designed to cater for the need of a broad range of users by  providing long and lasting back support while working for long hours in the office.

This chair employs top quality technologies in it’s design; starting from it’s backrest that is proudly designed with LiveBack technology and interdependent flexors that bend and move with the user in a way that provides stable and long lasting support to his spine through out the day. Another great feature sponsored by this chair is it’s 4D adjustable arms that allows for easy pivot as well as personalized height, 28 inches width setting as well as a cool 18 inches depth setting. A major admirable feature of  this chair is it’s arm caps that are soft and curved in a way that maintains a comfortable forearm support whether sitting upright or reclined.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easily rotatable
  • Cushiony yet firm seat that helps one to keep an upright posture
  • It’s back rest has three reclining tension settings 


  • It is light weight with a slim profile 
  • Its arm rest has little space

Check it out on Amazon.

Winport Furniture

A Light Blue Task Desk Chair.

Searching for a comfortably molded chair that provides lumbar support? check out this elegant antique styled desk chair designed to improve the appearance to your office. It is super easy to assemble and features a locking tilt mechanism for a mild pivot- knee tilt.

Just in case you’re wondering if it is adjustable, this chair has a dual paddle control that makes its adjustable feature very easy and yes, it has an integrated bar just behind it to keep your jacket or any choice clothing piece safe and within your reach. The seat rotates 360 degrees and this allows for easy movement, multi tasking and flexibility. It is traditionally simple and has basic functional features that gets the job done fast and efficiently.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to assemble 
  • It provides good back support
  • Its dual paddle control makes it easy to adjust in a way that permits multitasking


  • Its seat might be a bit hard if sat on for very long hours 
  • Its slim armrest can be quite uncomfortable

Check it out on Amazon.


A desk chair is an important part of our working environment. Next to a desk, a desk chair is designed to increase one’s productiveness, ensuring that you are comfortably seated for a long time. It is important to pick a desk chair that is easy on the minds and eyes, and that is why a light blue desk chair is the ultimate choice. Light blue is regarded as a calm and relaxing color that softly ministers reassurance and peace to our senses. It blends easily with a variety of colors without being loud or off.  Its saturation and intensity are what make it a perfect choice for a desk chair.

There are more high-quality options available on Amazon just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for here.


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