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Best Place To Keep A Computer Tower

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Most times, we are faced with space limitations after getting a new device, and while it might not be a problem to some, it is a big problem for others.

Having a computer tower no doubt poses the question of where it should be kept, but people tend to ignore the fact that the location of a computer tower can affect its performance and durability, and this brings me to the next question “where is the best place to keep a computer tower?”

Computer towers come in different sizes, but they are generally heavy and rarely contacted once a complete workstation has been set up, making the floor a first choice location. Many of us are guilty of this, but we tend to forget the dangers that this choice location causes to your computer tower.

Placing your computer tower on the floor exposes it to dust, and this could also lead to a malfunction, and can even result in dead power for some components.

The accumulation of dust happens in generating air by the fan to keep the tower cool and prevent it from overheating. When it is placed on the floor, it becomes easier to collect dust and debris into the computer tower.

Apart from dust, placing your computer tower on the floor is an invitation to disease vectors and insects that finds it warm and homey. It also makes some buttons on the tower, such as the power button, to be out of reach, which can create inconvenience in some situations.

Where then is the best place to keep a computer tower?

The best place to keep a computer tower is on a sturdy desk or any strong enough platform to bear the weight of the tower. You can choose to build one by yourself or buy it from a store, but please ensure that the desk or anything you’ll be placing it on is at least 6”-7” above the ground.

This height is safe, keeps dust away from the computer, and prevents instances where the tower would fall heavily on the ground (if it is on something higher) and cause damage to the floor and its components.


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