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Best Space Saving Computer Desk

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Not everyone has enough space in their apartment for all the furniture and other properties they might want to put together (I’m not lucky on this luxury either), and a lot of times we want things that are simple because they don’t seem to take up much space in the room.

One of the things that seem to bother a lot of people when it comes to space is a computer desk. From the question of the design, where to keep it, and even to the question of “if it won’t get it the way of other things in the house”. A lot of it boils down to the issue of space. Well, just so you worry less, there are a lot of space-saving computer desks that fit into all the blank spaces that you have and they are nothing like the traditional, big and boring desks that you’re familiar with. Whatever your style is, whatever the purpose you want it to serve, there’s the perfect desk for you.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Space Saving Computer Desk


Furrino Jaya Computer Writing Desk

Best Small Computer Desk

Despite being small, a computer desk should reflect a style that is fashionable and well put together, and having a small space to fix this fantasy into your room isn’t as easy as you might hope. Well, worry no more because FURINNOO Jaya simple design computer writing desk is a combination of style, practicality, and function.

It is designed for space-saving  great for apartments and dorms where space is limited. The shelves provide additional storage spaces for computer, books, and all other accessories. It is made from stable high-quality medium density composite wood and PVC tubes that attest to its durability. It has four shelves that can accommodate a CPU, a printer, and other items that you might want to place on it.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It’s shelves provide storage space
  • It’s raised top shelf gives provides more space for keeping working materials away from work surfaces


  • It has little legroom for your knees
  • It’s PVC tubes are made from plastic

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SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

Best Office Desk For Small Spaces

It isn’t just our apartment that can suffer from lack of enormous space, our offices do too. Unlike a simple home or dorm setting, an office setting requires a desk that has a professional aura despite being low on space. In such a situation, an l – shaped corner desk works the magic in a simple, stylish, modern, and easy way.

Despite being a bit bigger in size when compared to a rectangular small desk, it still doesn’t take up much room space. This beautiful piece put together by SHW provides you with a large desktop area that is equivalent to two straight desks. A side is a bit deeper than the other which makes it a nice option for a writing desk too. It is perfect for an organizational or home office and comes in two different colors that fit into an office picture without being odd. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much room space despite its size
  • Its double desk area makes it a nice multipurpose option
  • It has much legroom for your legs


  • It doesn’t offer much privacy since it is a corner desk

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Saiji (Larger Size) Laptop Bed Tray Table

Best Desk For Small Space Living

A lot of times, our room barely has enough space to accommodate all our furniture and boxes, leaving us with little or no space for a computer desk. In such a situation, a foldable computer desk is the captain on this rescue ship. Even with the problem of little or no space at all, we want a computer desk that is highly durable and made of lightweight materials and cannot be easily damaged with frequent use and this is what Saiji laptop bed tray table offers.

It is a nicely built desk that can be placed on the bed, couch, and if there’s still space on the floor of your room. Its foldable legs have two auto-lock buttons on each side that gives it a quick and easily adjustable height of 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches. If you’re worried about this beauty falling off, it has retractable blockers and soft wrist rest that helps make the device sturdy and prevents the laptop and mouse from sliding off hence serving its purpose faithfully.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It is multi-functional
  • It is conveniently portable


  • Its size may require too much portability
  • It doesn’t have storage space

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A space-saving yet functional computer desk is a priceless piece especially if you have a small room. I’ll personally recommend the Furrinno Jaya Computer Desk because of its storage space.

Contrary to what you might think, there are a lot of options to pick from and I hope I was helpful in finding a space-saving computer desk that you like. However, there are more beautiful and high-quality options available on Amazon just in case you didn’t find what you were looking for here.


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