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how to turn a computer fan into a desk fan

Transform a simple computer fan into a cool and convenient desk fan in just a few easy steps! Follow this guide to get ahead of the (indoor) heat.

when I hit my desk my computer restarts

I hit my desk in dismay, but what I wasn't expecting was for my computer to restart. Little did I know my unintended 'reset' button would have such a ...

facebook marketplace computer desk

Navigate your workspace — with ease and style — from the comfort of a sleek computer desk perfect for showcasing your setup on Facebook Marketplace.

diy under desk computer mount

Computer clutter can be a hassle, but this DIY under desk computer mount makes it easy to keep all of your electronics organized and out of the way.

no desk pc setup

Say goodbye to the bulky desk and bulky PC. Create a stylish workspace with a "no desk PC setup": attach your PC to your wall or tuck it away in an ...

pc on desk or under

No longer confined to a stuffy cubicle, office culture is encouraging workers to be creative and productive in any environment. From under-desk to ...

pc setup without desk

Living without a desk can feel limiting, but creative setup solutions allow tech-lovers to create a functional, safe space for their PC. Enjoy the ...

how to hide computer tower under desk

Don't want your computer tower to mess up the aesthetic of your workspace? Follow these easy tips to learn how to hide it under your desk for a ...

how to drill a hole in a computer desk

Drilling a hole in a computer desk is surprisingly easy. With a few simple tools, you can have the perfect hole for cable or wire management in no ...

best finish for computer desk

A computer desk isn't complete without a perfect finish. Whether you prefer a glossy, matte, rich wood grain, or a hint of color, these desks offer ...

can I put my pc on my desk

I keep staring at my desk, wondering why my PC doesn’t fit. Focusing on work is hard when I’m constantly trying to maneuver around the desk. ] Maybe ...

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