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Can A Computer Monitor Get A Virus?

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Sometimes, I get asked this question, and somehow, I find it funny (forgive me if you don’t) that one should nurse such fears, so I’ll give my answer with a simple illustration. A computer monitor is just like a TV, though with a higher resolution and other unique features that differentiate it from the latter. Like a traditional TV, a computer monitor cannot get a virus. Its design and functionality do not make it a target for computer viruses, and I’ll tell you why.

The Computer Monitor can be classified as computer hardware, and as such, it cannot become infected by a virus. A computer monitor is built and designed to perform the simple task of displaying pictures, videos, graphics, and data that are when connected to a computer.

Sometimes, your monitor might act “funny” and become unable to activate a command, but it is mostly because of the information being transmitted to it by the computer. In other cases, a computer monitor might refuse to power on or recognize some devices paired with it, but, irrespective of the magnitude of its malfunctioning, a lot of times, it is often a result of a faulty connection port, a bad wire, or a design problem but not because of a virus. 

The simple reason why computer monitors are not targets of viruses is that they are not designed with storage facilities for data, and in most cases, storage files are the main target areas of viruses.  The inability of computer monitors to store or have access to data makes them immune to viruses, and this immunity is what makes its malfunctioning to be provoked by other factors other than a virus.


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