Best USB-C Monitor

While searching for a monitor to complete your work station or game station, a single cable option might be a secret dream you have. You’re not alone on this ship; who wouldn’t want a monitor with a single cable, because it means less clutter on your desk. You can make those dreams come true with […]

Best 802.11ac USB Wi-fi Adaptors

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi spec is disturbingly complicated, with more than a dozen different performance levels referred to by “AC” and a number. The adapters we found perform at the AC1200, AC1300, and AC1900 levels. That is how all of those “AC” numbers in that range translate into potential speeds on the two main Wi-Fi frequency […]

Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter

While almost any laptop you find on the market today will have a Wi-Fi card built into it, not all desktop PCs have the same luxury. If you’re building a gaming computer, you may be shocked to discover that many of the best motherboards don’t include Wi-Fi. Even those that do offer Wi-Fi often have […]

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Front Panel

USB means Universal Serial Bus. It is hardware that is used to connect printers, keyboards, mice, mobile devices, digital cameras, joystick, iPod, scanner, webcam, microphone, MP3 player, and external storage to the computer. There are different types of USB. It is used in powering devices such as smartphones and tablets. Computers have at least one […]

PS4 Save Data On USB Storage Device

The PlayStation 5 comes with its own great computer games but it also allows good games from PS4 to run on it. So If you previously had a game on PS4 or PS4 pro you can still enjoy them on your PlayStation 5 once you transfer those games to the PlayStation 5 console. The Sony […]

Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller

As a member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) since 1996, Renesas Electronics (formerly NEC Electronics) has played a leading role both in defining computer USB (universal serial bus) standards and in developing USB technology. How Renesas Developed Universal Serial Bus April Update In April 2000, the company (then NEC Electronics) launched the uPD720100 (the […]

Best Linux Distro To Run From USB

There are several uses for shoving Linux distros inside a USB flash drive. For instance, they can be quite handy when you need to use somebody else’s computer. Or, perhaps you need to boot into a live Linux environment to troubleshoot issues with your computer, or perhaps to transfer data from a dying disk. Irrespective […]

Best USB Hubs for PS4

The PS4 no doubt is the best-selling console of this generation, and this had been the case for years here. This fact rests partly on the directory of exclusive computer games, amazing hardware performance, and the ergonomic dual shock controllers, that the PS4 houses. All of these offer a complete gaming experience from the PlayStation […]

Best USB Microphone For Streaming

Stream quality can be adjudged the most crucial feature or requirement for success when it comes to computer steaming, however, for professional streams, there is more than just the steam quality. Our top picks of best microphones for streaming will give you a complete list of options to choose from. This is a streamlined list […]

Best Long Range USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Good Wi-Fi is a modern necessity, especially for homes where multiple people are trying to work, learn, or be entertained. As we carve out odd spaces for home offices, we’re ending up in weird corners of kitchens, attics, or basements where Wi-Fi may not reach. The best way to improve your Wi-Fi signal is to […]

Best Wireless USB Adapter For Gaming

The best USB Wi-Fi adapter will have you rocketing around the net, despite any disastrous networking failures that might disrupt your PC gaming experience. If your built-in Wi-Fi or LAN ports break, or if you’ve bought a motherboard that lacks Wi-Fi (plenty of budget motherboards don’t), the best USB Wi-Fi adapter will be the stalwart […]

Best Micro USB Cables For Charging

Most phones now support wireless charging, but it is still faster and more affordable to charge using standard cables. First and foremost, a great charging cable should be durable so that you can get plenty of usage out of it. There are plenty of charging cable options out there. Some are long while others have […]