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How To Fix A Wobbly Computer Desk 

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The computer desk is one of the most essential home office requirements if you are working from home, aside from that, no workspace is complete without a good computer desk.

While the importance of the computer desk cannot be overstated, things can go from bad to worse when the desk starts wobbling. A wobbly desk poses a threat, your health is in the balance and you can easily get your computer damaged. Aside from this, your productivity will be affected, you cannot work on a wobbly desk.

This article will give you an insight into how to fix your wobbly desk and get things started again on a smooth sail. 

4 Reasons why your computer desk wobble 


The best way to fix any situation is to know the causes, right? So let’s start this with the reasons why your computer desk will wobble. They are a host of reasons why this can happen, let’s get started with four of such reasons. 

1. Uneven legs: 

When your desk doesn’t have the same height for the legs, you are certain to have a wobbly desk as the after effect. If one leg is shorter or the other longer, then you cannot help it, the desk will wobble. Sometimes long usage of the wooden desks can contribute to this issue and leave your desk wobbling. 

2. Uneven floor:

Sometimes it is not the desk, it is your floor. Your floor could be the reason why your desk is not settling, and this will slow down your efforts at work. There are no two ways here, if the floor is uneven, your desk will have issues with its balance. The floor setting plays an important role.

3. Loosed frames and joints: 

The frames and joints hold your desk together when they are loose as a result of long usage or your wood gum wearing off. You will suffer the aftereffect of losing frames and joints, your desk will wobble. 

4. Loosed bolts and screws: 

Just like the joints and frames, your bolts and screws are the foundation on which your desk is standing. They can lose after a period of use, it is the same for every home furniture, they take after the years of use. Other than the desk and floor, your screws and bolts are things you should keep your eyes on. 

6 best fixes for wobbly computer desk 

Now that you have a hang of the common causes of wobbling desks, knowing how to fix this issue is a brilliant aspect of your home and office improvement needs.

Safety at home and the workplace are twin features you cannot ignore, and this is why we have this list put together to aid you on this part.

1. Use Wedges for the legs: 

This is a popular quick fix, a known point and it is almost the first place to get started with your maintenance. Get wedges for the legs, if the desk wobbles and you are sure the cause of this wobbling is uneven legs of the desk.

Wedges can easily get the job done and give you the balance you sort for. 

Using homemade wedges here will save you cost and the troubles of waiting for the delivery guys. Much more than that, ensure you keep your eyes on the wedges, they can easily shift and leave you suffering from your balance.

A great way to get on with this will be to order ready-made desk wobble wedges. 

2. Extend desk length: 

Another fantastic way to get your desk going again will be to look at the legs, instead of using wedges, giving the problem a permanent fix will save you some trouble. Troubles I said, as your wedges can easily shift and leave you at the same position before you fix things up. 

To extend the desk length, look at the legs or leg that are shorter than the others and measure carefully the difference. Start by cutting the exact size and get a wood glue or gum as the case may be, allow the gum to dry, and fix things together.

This way you won’t have to suffer from shifts and other troubles. 

3. Rearrange the desk: 

In the introduction we have stated that a wobble desk can have one or more causes and where the floor is uneven, you will have the same issues, whether or not your desk has the best possible balance.

Rearranging your desk position is easy, yet a cost-efficient way of fixing the issues with desk wobbling. 

Try out other areas of your room and see if you will have the balance you require, there is no need to try the first two steps if the issue is with your floor. You will save money and time if you check out for this point, once you have a balanced floor, your issue is solved.

4. Trim the extra: 

Yes you read this correctly, get the extra length off your desk it will do you no good at any point. If you observe that one leg is longer than the others, getting it trimmed is one of the best ways you can get the job done with ease, absolute ease I mean. 

You only need a good hand saw and your troubles with the desk are over for good. 

5. Fix your loosed bolts and screws: 

When the years tell on your desk, you will always receive a notice, before deterioration takes a full swing and one of the signs will be your screws and bolts. A standard screwdriver will give you the balance you require and get you going. 

6. Get a new desk: 

Nothing settles this list off other than this point, it is a one-fix for all. If your desk has given in years of use before it starts malfunctioning, you will need a replacement to get the problem solved for good.

If the cost of repair is not totally off the cost of a new one, getting a new desk is a nice way to stay afloat. 


Your desk can wear and tear, just like every other furniture element in your home and office. Knowing the causes as we have highlighted in this content will get you started and keep your productivity in check. The common fixes here are great ways to keep going on your task.  


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