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How To Wash A Computer Desk Mat

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One of the best ways to beautify your working environment is with the use of a computer desk mat, and this adds up so much balance to your space. Not only does the aesthetics component add to your working space, but you also enjoy protection from cracks and dust hitting your desk. 

Cleaning the desk mat is a hurdle for many, and maybe you also experience this issue at any point, be rest assured you are not alone here. In this article we will discuss some very easy and effective ways to clean your desk mat, this will allow the mat to give you the shine that you always require. 

So let’s get started and find out things for us! 

How To Wash Your Desk Mat


1. Wash It With Soap And Water: 

This is one of the best ways you can wash your desk mat and have it sparkling clean as new. It gives you a perfect new look after every wash and you are left with the feeling of satisfaction, that satisfaction that comes with doing a job well and great.

This is the first step and there are a few things to note here. 

Ensure you use a clean sponge to wash off the stains, and a hard sponge will cost you damages instead of getting the job done. Since the intention is to use the mat again, your washing phase should reflect this all-important point.

After washing the meat, allow it some time to dry, air dry it before use. 

If your desk mat is an RGB mat, washing it with water is not a desirable option to go with. Your RGB might not work again and this is why you must avoid contact with water. You don’t need a washing machine for this stage, putting the mat in your bathtub will satisfy the washing need here. 

2. Cold Wash Your Mat: 

This is yet another effective step in arriving at your destination, a cold wash in your washing machine will get the job done with relative ease. You don’t have to scrub yourself as required in step one above, drop it in the machine and allow the machine to work things out for you.

For this step ensure you are not using the hard wash feature on your machine if it has one, go for the soft wash. Your desk mat will always be soft, where it is not, go for the soft wash.

You don’t have to wait until the machine makes a complete wash, the mat is not as hard as your trousers, so get it out after a few turns. 

Similarly, ensure the water used is cold water. Hot wash might spoil things for you, you really can’t tell what your mat composition is made of.

Leaving things to chance might get the situation out of your hands, go for the safe option, a cold wash is one of the finest options on the list and it will save you the trouble.

Other Ways To Clean Your Computer Desk Mat:

While the above two are the best options for washing your computer desk mat, there are other options you can try to get the same result. You don’t have to wash your desk mat for every dirt or stain you see on it, some simple and well-composed steps will get the job done with ease. 

1. Use An Electric Blower: 

Most of the dirt and stains that appear on your desk mat might look difficult to deal with, in reality, it needs just a blower to get the job done. You don’t have to throw it in your bathtub or washing machine, save the energy for other pressing issues that will need your time and effort. 

Get an electric blower and you will be twice as effective as washing the desk mat, a simple blower will get the job done with ease.

Before you start blowing the mat, get things out that will fall off easily. Keep all of your microchips in a safe place, you will have a hard time locating them when the blower gets to work. 

Ensure the floor is cleared too, this way you can easily pick things that fall off and get them back to their place. A blower is a fast way to clean your desk mat, without washing it. 

2. Use A Fiber Rag: 

A disturbance that you will not love to see on your desk mat is cracks, surface cracks. A machine wash might not get the job done, and this is where you will need options to get your mat back in shape. A simple and effective way to get the job done is the use of a fiber rag.

They will clear off surface cracks on your desk mat and leave you with the best offerings. Your mat will turn out great again, with this simple, yet effective cleaning option.

3. Roller: 

A roller will get the job done if you are looking to get off hair and other dirt on your desk mat, a roller is your best bet here. If you have pets at home, you will likely have hairs drop on your mat when they walk past it. Get a roller and you are good, you don’t have to wash the mat for this. 


Giving your mat a perfect clean after it shows signs of cracks and dirt is a fantastic way of keeping your work office in perfect shape. No one loves working on a dirty surface and this is why it is important to get things put in their place.

While washing your mat gives a holistic cover, other solutions work it too.We have highlighted these alternatives, along with the best options on the list. Get to work on your mats and you will be glad you did. 


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