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Should I Get A Computer Desk With or without A Tray?

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Computer trays are making waves everywhere, in fact, some companies have them fixed as a necessary part of your working environment. The benefits are enormous, from the protection it offers, to how smooth it allows you to work and a host of other benefits to deal with. 

While the advantages are quite notable, there are still many others that will not accept a keypad tray even when offered for free. The advantages do not outweigh their decision to not using one, this article will look at the benefits and drawbacks of using a computer desk with or without a tray. 

If you ate lost for words on the benefits or disadvantages that a computer tray holds for you, this article will provide every detail you will require. So let’s get started. 

Do I Need A Computer Keypad Tray?


No, and yes will be the answers to begin this section. You don’t need a computer tray. If you view it as an unnecessary luxury, the truth is that you will be able to type and work with your computer without a computer keypad tray. So you can save the bucks off for this purchase, it is as simple as that. 

And yes, if you seek to improve your work office and add some fine features to make your work great. Then you need a computer tray, this is the benchmark. You enjoy benefits such as customization, increased productivity, and others when you go with a computer keypad tray. 

Let’s look at the advantages of having a keypad tray

1. Customization

This is one aspect that calls to all of us, we want to have some fine touches and features inserted into our working space. We want to configure it to suit our needs and requirements, that simple touch that adds it all up. This is what the computer keypad tray adds, it allows all of this to happen and more. 

Similarly, you can adjust your keypad tray to your preferred angle, and have it stay just where you want it. The fears of having your keypad move when you are buried in your work are also taken off the mark, as you will enjoy a fine deal of support, regardless of the position you are working from. 

2. Proper positioning

This point has been mentioned briefly, but let’s look at it again. The tray will allow you to work at the best positions, and it’s sturdy. The chances of your keypad sliding off your desk, or moving when you are working on it are slim with a keypad tray. If you wish to type your documents at 90°, the keypad tray is your fine pick. 

3. Protection from injury

There are a whole lot of talks about work-related injuries happening now and then. Especially RSI issues which are synonymous with keypad usage, this is where you require a computer keypad tray. You will enjoy adequate protection from work-related injuries like RSI.

Serious work-related complications like tunnel syndrome and others can have a lifelong effect when left untreated. This is one of the by-products of a work-related injury one can suffer, of which a keypad tray can protect you against. 

4. Increased productivity 

This is one factor that we all can easily agree to, the use of keypad trays increases productivity at the workplace and home if you have got a home office. The reason is simple, you are working from a comfortable position, and this makes it easy for you to deliver at your best. 

Furthermore, you are guaranteed speed and perfect accuracy with your keystrokes, when you opt for a keypad tray. It is like the popular saying “garbage in and garbages out”. You have no fear of missing your words when you type with a computer tray. 


Just like the advantages, there is a list of disadvantages when you opt to use a computer tray. This is not peculiar to the tray, it applies to everything. So here are a few drawbacks from the use of a computer tray: 

1. Many users find the tray unfavorable: 

For some, working in their usual positions gets the job done with more ease than finding some obscure positions to try, you may argue that this has to do with transition and finding the right balance. Most users who are just trying out keypad trays, often find it hard to go by. 

They are used to what they know and find no point in getting by with a computer tray. 

2. The tray can get in your way: 

It can be an inconvenience, for the trays that extend towards your desk, they will always get in your way, if not now then later. And this is not the case with the usual keypad, a point that is not loved by many. Similarly, if the trays extend outwards, you may have issues finding space for your leg and folders. 

3. Money and time: 

The keypad tray doesn’t cost thousands to get, however, it does not come cheap. The money to be used purchasing a keypad tray is seen by some as an unwanted expenditure that is avoidable.


Making a fine choice as it concerns things to be added to your working environment is a fine way of showing you care about what you are doing and yourself. Having a fine detail on what makes up these additions is quite essential, and a computer tray fits effectively. You will decide if this is a great deal for you! 

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of getting one, and if I am to choose, I will go with a keypad that has a tray. 


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