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Should I Put My Computer Desk In The Living Room Or Bedroom

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a majority of us to work from home, while some of us had been remote workers before this tragedy. The transition has not been easy for newcomers.

Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to work from home is an increasingly developing topic among many. 

If you have decided to take the work home and make working from home your new routine with your computer desk, then the first question that will face your mind is the location, should it be the bedroom or the living room? While both are great places to work, the need to settle for one makes this article worth the read. 

Just before we dive into the pros and cons of each selection, here are 5 factors to consider before you choose what works for you. 

5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Bedroom Or Living Room For Your Computer Desk


1. Available Space 

This is the first consideration you should have in your mind. Which one of the options will provide an enabling space to work with ease and comfort? The living room is always bigger than the bedroom and will be able to accommodate anything you throw at it. 

The bedrooms are usually smaller and most times already clustered, you have your clothes, accessories, and the wardrobe taking up most of the space. Putting a desk here might make things even more harder and complicated, of course, it will leave you with little or no space to work with. 

On the other hand, bedrooms are taking a fine shape these days, and who says they cannot be big? If you think you will be motivated enough to pull through those deadlines working in your bedroom, then you are good to go. 

2. The View Of Your Working Environment

What do you see next after your desk? The bedroom of course will throw you next to your bed or a pile of clothes, and regardless of how we see it, the mind connects with the environment.

It is easy to promise yourself you will wake up to finish the task after a 30mins nap when you work in the bedroom. The truth as we get to know it is that, oftentimes we sleep off and this is it.

Your environment should be able to trigger your mind into your working conditions, and this view is better promised when you work in the living room. This doesn’t write off the bedroom, however, let’s rate the living room here. 

3. The Size Of Your Desk

This is as important as number one on this list, the size of your desk will define the location, whether or not it can fit into your living room or better stay rooted in the bedroom. If you already have a computer desk you want to fit into the home, this is the first area of interest to address. 

If you are to order one or make a new computer desk, you have got less concern to deal with. You can easily get the one that supports your available space, just like the desk. There are other matters to be concerned with, for instance, space for your additional facilities. 

Your printers, monitors, folders, books, and office utensils will all need to fit in somewhere and this is where you must think critically about the exact location for your computer desk.

Sometimes your printers might require an extra table, can your bedroom cover for all of this? You will need the right answers here!

4. How Long Will You Work At Home?

If the home office is a makeshift office, a temporary thing to deal with, then struggling over where the office seats shouldn’t be a thing of worry. You won’t be working there forever, since this is the case, using the bedroom for a temporary shift office will be a great idea. 

5. Will Co-Workers And Clients Stop By?

This is another important consideration to sort out when you decide on the right office space to use, it is one thing to insist your clients won’t bother to check in, it is another thing to be taken unaware of.

A client can call in and insist they want to have a look at your workspace, and if you are working in a team, a visit might come. 

Will you want to work your client right into your bedroom? This is the question, similarly, with virtual conference opportunities like Zoom. Your background during these conferences and meetings matters, will you want to have a pile of clothes showing up there?

So the question of where the computer stays in the house, which will determine the workplace, should be answered with diligence and thoughtfulness. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two options below.

Advantages Of The Computer Desk In The Living Room

  • Adequate working space 
  • Fantastic view 
  • Convenience and comfort 

Disadvantages Of The Computer Desk In The living Room 

  • You can get easily distracted working in the living room 
  • Your pieces of equipment can be damaged when left unsupervised by kids and pets

Advantages Of The Computer Desk In The Bedroom 

  • Undistracted working space 
  • Comfort 
  • Increased productivity and speed 

Disadvantages Of Having The Computer Desk In The Bedroom

  • Lack of adequate space for everything 
  • Absence of work-simulated environment


The choice will always fall back to you, you will have to decide what works best for you and how this fits into your available space. The choice can be better made considering the factors we have highlighted above, however, if the bedroom boosts your productivity go all in. 

The goal for everyone working from home is to get the job done at the right time and if the bedroom stimulates your productivity, choose it. 


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