Best Tower Speaker Under 500

No better way to enhance your entertainment experience, than the use of speakers. There are a variety of speakers in the market however, Tower Speakers (also referred to as floor standing speakers) have been the keystone for decades now especially for home audio systems. Furthermore, you must consider whether the speaker will need an amplifier, […]

Best Computer For FL Studio

Digital Audio Workstations, otherwise called DAW, are the trendy options for audio recording and modification. It is also perfect for the production and editing of all audio files. This great reason is why DAW is gaining ground and taking over the industry. You do not have to go searching the internet for the computer that […]

Best Computer Monitor For DAW

Digital Audio Workstations are the biggest audio innovation globally, and it is one of the best options for recording and music production. For high-end music and audio productions, DAW tops the list as a people’s favorite. We will not dive into this debate. However, our picks of best computers for DAW cuts across it, allowing […]

Best Computer For Ableton

Ableton is one of the most used digital studios, for music production as it offers top quality options for producers. Composing, mixing, editing, recording, and spinning are done superbly on the Ableton software and this is one reason this computer program is endearing to users. Storage, your storage capacity will determine how much information your […]

Best Computer For Pro Tools

Whether you are a beginner or a professional music producer, you will agree with us that Pro Tools from Avid technology is one of the best and most used digital audio workstation software for music production, editing, recording, and mixing. In addition to the ram, each version of pro tools requires minimum graphics support to […]