Best Computer Monitors For Music Production

Producing music can be as enjoyable as listening to the music if you use the right equipment. Using a computer monitor that is well equipped to cater to your production requirements has proven to be a very effective and efficient way of producing music. If you are looking for the best overall monitor, visit that […]

Best Computer Speaker Under $100

Have you ever tried to play games with a poor quality speaker acting as a hype man? I don’t want to ask about the experience because I’m pretty sure that it was messed up and you easily got bored even if the game ranked number one in the gaming chart.  Speakers are designed to enhance the […]

Best Computer Speakers Under $50

When I consider how nice and thrilling things are when sounds are involved, I can’t help but believe that sounds are like colors that improve the beauty of listening. and I’m sure that you will agree with me on this. However, how well we appreciate the sounds from technology and some software largely depends on […]

Best Computer Speakers Under $30

Sounds are the necessary flavors that spice up our games, music, and movies, and the kind of speaker that we employ for the job goes a long way in determining how well our audio is spiced up. While you might want something very affordable because of your budget or for some other reason that is […]

Best Microphone For Dictation

Dictating requires accurate speech recognition irrespective of the type of dictation software or dictation application that you use. Using dictation software as a speech to text converter saves time, improves your cognitive abilities, and it also eliminates the stress and rigors of a traditional typing experience.  However, what seems like an easy task can take […]

Best Small Desk Radios

Tons of devices have taken over communication and radios are not as popular as they used to be, but they still maintain a tangible effect on communication outside the sphere of internet-operated devices.  Apart from being a good substitute for internet-operated devices, they are a reliable source of entertainment and communication that can be operated […]

Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Being a preferred choice for audiophiles, gamers, and musicians comes with a lot of satisfied criteria and an over-ear headphone tops the chart. It is very comfortable for an extended period of use, and its size allows it to feature large sound drivers that are well equipped to produce superior quality sounds that are enveloping […]

Best Microphone For Voice Over Recordings

If you are thinking of furthering your career or possibly building a passion for voice-over recording as a voice-over artist. This article is a one-stop shop for all you will need to strive and succeed at this all-important goal of bettering your passion and probably monetizing it. You have the option of choosing between computer […]

Best Microphone For Zoom Call

If there is anything the covid-19 has done, is how it has changed our lives and how we conduct our activities. In the light of this development it will take a long time before things return to the order it has always been. One of such disruptive introductions is video conferencing. There is a large […]

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube

It is often argued, that when it comes to YouTube your camera is the finest accessory you should cater for. Allow me to add here that as important as your camera, the computer microphone is an essential aspect you cannot do without, and here is why; On our list of top three picks, we have […]

Best Headset Microphone For Recording Audio

When it comes to your podcast and YouTube recording options, you will agree with me that the condenser microphones are the favorites to get the job done and this, they will do with ease. In deciding the best computer microphone for recording your audio, the choice should tick the boxes on the following aspects; Sound […]

Best XLR Microphone For Streaming

So you want a new professional-level XLR microphone to record yourself speaking or singing? You’ll need to consider 2 main things: dynamic or condenser. I also want to highlight that many of these microphones work great to record instruments and other sources of audio, but they excel for voice recording and podcasting. Dynamic computer microphones […]