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Best Microphone For Voice Over Recordings

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If you are thinking of furthering your career or possibly building a passion for voice-over recording as a voice-over artist. This article is a one-stop shop for all you will need to strive and succeed at this all-important goal of bettering your passion and probably monetizing it.

You have the option of choosing between computer XLR and USB microphones, while the XLR provides a fantastic audio quality; the price is often over the sky when compared to the USB microphones.

Therefore, you must decide on this choice beforehand. On the reviews, you require the best and should have it, so reading reviews will be great before you make the buying decision.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Microphones For Voice-Over Recording


Blue Yeti Pro

4 Polar Microphone For Voice-Over Recording

If you have heard a thing or more about Blue Yeti, you will surely agree that this amazing microphone deserves a place on this list as one of the important microphones for voice-over recording. The Blue Yeti Pro is an advancement on the flagship Yeti.

You get an impressive audio quality on this microphone, with impressive ease of use. While you enjoy the plug-and-play feature, that comes with USB microphones of this kind. There is an XLR version of the Yeti Pro, just in case, you will want to try your hands on it.

A 24-bit/192KHz audio resolution will leave you feeling fulfilled for a long time, with this amazing microphone. You have four polar patterns to choose from, ranging from Cardioid, Omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo.

With the controls in your hand, you are the master of the game, as you decide which pattern to choose.

Pros And Cons


  • 24-bit audio resolution
  • Fantastic support for voice over artist
  • 4 polar patterns


  • Cost
  • Poor bass quality

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Neumann TLM103

Excellent quality Microphone For Voice-Over Recording

The unmatched audio quality of the Neumann microphone makes it a perfect match for this category and the array of support it offers voice-over artists.

There is just so much satisfaction, that comes with using this microphone for your voice-over recordings; prime amongst these is the audio quality.

You get the kind of clear vocals you experience in a recording studio; the compact size of this microphone fits the mobile nature of voice-over artists, who are always on the move and in need of an environment that supports their workflow.

You get a great deal of noise concealing options, while self-noise such as breathing noise is also taken care of. The quality of the audio and its compact size endears it to many artists in this field. This is great for all that, it counts for. Let’s take a cursory look at the pros and cons.

Pros And Cons


  • Excellent quality
  • Great built
  • Compact


  • Cost
  • Rugged casing

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Rode NT1A

Great Sound Microphone For Voice-Over Recording

Rode is another industry giant on this list and this is a well-deserving listing for the fantastic microphone. The pop-filter feature gives you an amazing balance on this microphone and makes it ready for the purpose.

It comes with a cheap price tag, but offers twice the quality you will get at such a price list. The design is top-notch and this is great. You get a neatly designed microphone in your hands, in addition to the quality of sound it produces and the audio quality your listeners receive.

The sound waves are easily converted into your recording, with background noise and self-noise-like breathing noise carefully taken off the radar. For the XLR favorites, this would be your top pick, as it is exclusively an XLR microphone.

Pros And Cons


  • Great sound quality
  • Quality sound conversion
  • Great design


  • XLR support
  • Cost

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We want to have you sounding great and right on the microphone, and for the delight of your listeners, you have to tick the boxes and do it great. This is why we are here, and your professional setup is our concern. Our offerings on this list will take care of your worries and give you that edge.

You have a choice to make, even as we have streamlined the list to just three, but if we are allowed to further influence your decision, allow us to introduce the Blue Yeti Pro is our top pick for this category.

To win in life you will require the right information and skillets, and to win at your goals and passions, having the right tools kit is as important as bagging a degree.

This will define your entire career trajectory, and how you introduce yourself to the market. While the odds are high, having the right microphone as a voice-over artist will put you at an advantage.

Before buying your microphone, you should endeavor to tick the boxes along the following lines, type of microphone, your budget, and reviews. We will carefully run through this together, in the succeeding lines that follow.

Let us talk about your budget, a career as a voice-over artist is an illustrious one and yes, you will need money for other things. However, spending a little extra on a quality microphone will surely not leave you breaking the banks. The type of microphone is our next stop-over.

It is an easy choice to make because this microphone is a fan favorite and an Amazon choice. For this list, it kills it and beats all other microphones and so stands out as our best pick. You can check for further options on Amazon

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