Best Budget Computer Monitor

Let’s face it, you need a monitor and you need it cheap. Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I have your back. Do note that all 3 top choices here are 1920×1080 resolution, which if you are on a budget, shouldn’t be much of a problem. If that is a problem, then you might be […]

The Best Super Cheap Computer Desks

If you are like me, then saving a buck is earning a buck. These inexpensive (a.k.a. cheap) computer desks can help you save some cash when it comes to building an epic computer station, and maybe put that money toward a monitor upgrade instead! Here I have listed out some of the cheapest desks I […]

Best Computer Speaker Under $100

Have you ever tried to play games with a poor quality speaker acting as a hype man? I don’t want to ask about the experience because I’m pretty sure that it was messed up and you easily got bored even if the game ranked number one in the gaming chart.  Speakers are designed to enhance the […]

Best Computer Speakers Under $50

When I consider how nice and thrilling things are when sounds are involved, I can’t help but believe that sounds are like colors that improve the beauty of listening. and I’m sure that you will agree with me on this. However, how well we appreciate the sounds from technology and some software largely depends on […]

Best Computer Speakers Under $30

Sounds are the necessary flavors that spice up our games, music, and movies, and the kind of speaker that we employ for the job goes a long way in determining how well our audio is spiced up. While you might want something very affordable because of your budget or for some other reason that is […]

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Getting a mechanical keyboard is a nice idea but the price is a big factor that scares a lot of us away. Considering the benefits attached to using a mechanical keyboard, it is worth every penny, but again, not everyone can spare more than a few dollars to get it. Having this in mind, I […]

Best Gaming Monitor Under 100

Gaming monitors are a very important part of the gamer set up but they can cost quite a lot of money with the best usually costing more than $300. The best quality color accuracy, high refresh rates, and IPS panels aren’t for everyone though and that is where the best gaming monitors for under $100 […]

Best Value Colored Laser Printer

Laser printers are well-known and celebrated for their printing speed, reliability, and clear prints but it is not until recent improvement in laser technology that laser computer printers started producing impressive colored images and texts. Apart from being an economic alternative to other types of colored printers, laser printers are highly durable, and reliable for […]

Best Budget Monitor For Photo Editing

After the camera, the second device that is mostly used by photographers who want an excellent reproduction of their work is a photo editing monitor. Regardless of whether they want to print the photos or share them online, they take pride in the finished work of a perfectly edited photo because it is an attestation […]

Best Gaming CPU under 200

Building a computer on a budget can be a difficult thing to do now, this put into consideration the hardship the Covid-19 has brought to the world and all the problems the come with it. Importantly the prices of things are skyrocketing, and this might be the case for the few months that remain before […]

Best budget AM3+ Motherboard

Motherboards are one of the greatest computer parts that must be given careful consideration at all times, and choosing the right motherboard for your computing needs will be the right way to start your operations. You will not need to break the bank for the motherboards on this list, however, you will have the best […]

Best Gaming Computer Under $800

Owing a gaming monitor is an exclusive desire of every game but sometimes, our budget puts a big question mark behind this desire. Most gaming computers are quite pricey and that leaves us to question the durability, and performance of monitors with a price tag that is under $800. Well, after a series of questions […]