Best budget AM3+ Motherboard

Motherboards are one of the greatest computer parts that must be given careful consideration at all times, and choosing the right motherboard for your computing needs will be the right way to start your operations. You will not need to break the bank for the motherboards on this list, however, you will have the best […]

Best PC Gaming Headset Under $100

There are a handful of audio solutions for your games. Still, not all of them can simultaneously deliver excellent sound quality and stress-free communication in multiplayer games, and this is because they are not capable of isolating in-game sounds. If you want to improve your sound quality with the best computer gaming headset, but your […]

Best Monitor Under $300

The kind of monitor that you use can make all the difference in the quality of your game and work, and that is why your efforts should be directed at getting the best monitor. Finding the best computer monitor can become tasking when you have a budget under the $300 range, but that justifies why […]

Best 144Hz Monitor Under $200

One of the most important things to look out for in a monitor is its refresh rate because it determines the rate at which your inputs are recognized when gaming and one of the most popular refresh rates that have been tested and trusted to cater to a lot of games easily is a 144Hz […]

Best Gaming Graphics Card Under 100

Just like the CPU, the graphics component of the computer termed the GPU is another essential aspect of the computer that must be taken into account, and this is for many reasons. So what is on our list? We have the best graphics card under 100, and with great features that make it deserving of […]

Best Headphone Amp Under $100

Irrespective of the type of computer headphones you use and the purpose you want them to serve, there’s no debate that you want the best sound quality. Still, sometimes, even an expensive headphone might experience sound distortion at the highest volume. That is why you should get a headphone amplifier to adjust your headphone’s audio […]

Best Monitor Under $100

Budget is a principal factor that regulates our choice of gadgets. One such as a well-built computer monitor is not excluded from this truth, especially when you are about to embark on the cumbersome tasks of finding a computer monitor with a $100 budget. While some high definition features might have been traded for others, […]

Best Computer Accessories Under $20

Computer accessories are needed to facilitate a smooth workflow in your home and work office. While some are vital to your productivity, others are meant to complement your efforts by providing a stress-free work environment. They come in handy, and having the right computer accessories can give your workstation an aura of professionalism and organization. […]

Best Computer Chair Under $300

The right computer chair can make you look forward with glee to the monotonous routine that has become your job description. It is a necessary addition to any workstation that provides comfort, and vitality to help you get through the day.  Although it is often overlooked as being a vital component in any workstation, sitting […]

Best Computers Under $250

 Not everyone has a lot of cash to spare for a modern technological device, but everyone needs it. Not everyone can afford a pricey computer for simple basic tasks such as assignments, spreadsheet data, designing, entertainment, and internet facilities. Still, everyone should have a computer that can do all that. One of the major reasons […]

Best Computer Cases Under $50

Now that you’ve taken out time to select the highly functional components to fix into a computer case, why should the price be a problem?  Oh, you’ve got a $50 budget for it, that’s fine. Price shouldn’t be the game that you’re trying to win here because you can find a sturdy and functional casing […]

Best Computer Case Under $100

Contrary to popular opinion, a computer case is not just an abode for your computer gaming hardware; it holds everything in place and organizes them with features that support their performance and promote their durability.  A computer case is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be suitable for different computer hardware. It employs features […]