Best Wireless Photo Printers

Nothing quite beats the simplicity that wireless technology offers and this time it is being employed in a photo printer to offer you a clutter-free, drag-free, and of course, a stress-free experience while printing photos. It is no longer a question if you like wireless technology but even with such admiration, you do not want […]

Best Wireless USB Adapter For Gaming

The best USB Wi-Fi adapter will have you rocketing around the net, despite any disastrous networking failures that might disrupt your PC gaming experience. If your built-in Wi-Fi or LAN ports break, or if you’ve bought a motherboard that lacks Wi-Fi (plenty of budget motherboards don’t), the best USB Wi-Fi adapter will be the stalwart […]

Best Cheap Wireless Gaming Headset

Your budget is a major determinant of your choice for a stress-free accessory such as a wireless headphone and that is why a lot of people opt for a cheaper alternative. Even with a slim budget parading itself as a basic determinant for your choice of a computer wireless gaming headset, you still want the […]

Best Wireless Gaming Headset

The beautiful truth that a gaming headset delivers great sounds for an immersive game-audio experience has been solidified. However, a wireless gaming headset offers more than just game-worthy sounds. A wireless gaming headset is more flexible, convenient, and offers effortless communication when gaming. It uses a dongle to cut the ties and tangled drama that […]

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Today, there is little reason not to consider a wireless mouse for gaming. If you’re still nursing a gaming mouse that is not wireless because you do not want to open your gaming eyes and minds to the endless possibilities that a wireless gaming mouse can offer, then you need a special lecture. Apart from […]

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If your gaming keyboard has never gotten a compliment, then it’s time for a change and a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo is the best pick. I’m sure you know that they give your gaming desk a tidier look, easily adaptable to different functions and activities plus they are very easy to carry around, […]

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Things could get a lot easier in your place of work by simply choosing to use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I had just cleared up some desk space in preparation for my new wireless keyboard and mouse combo. My colleagues and friends used it and I must confess, their desks always looked neat and […]

Best Wireless Router for Gigabit Internet

Nothing feels more frustrating than to use a slow internet connection for professional use, let alone when you are just trying to relax. Although connectivity speeds in the Mbps-range are still being hailed as fast in several places, the time is right to adopt gigabit internet connections, to make surfing, downloading, and productivity-centric experiences, more […]

Best Wireless Router for Gaming

There is no denying the role of internet connectivity when gaming is concerned. Without a doubt, we all have had our share of issues with the LAG or connection drops, especially when we were about to make the winning move. Not just that, a majority of RPG, Battle Royale, or other FPS games require exceptional […]

Best Wireless Router for Long Range

It is common for the home and office-bound internet connections to drop, with signals bouncing off floors and walls. Wi-Fi dead zones are common, especially in larger establishments, having walls, pillars, and doors that restrict coverage. This is why you need the best wireless router for long ranges, to help mitigate issues related to slow […]

Best Wi-Fi Extender for Outside

Selecting the best Wi-Fi extender for outside is trickier compared to choices for covering the dead zones inside the home or office. Outdoor networks are often plagued by a host of attenuating factors and staying connected and can be extremely difficult if you are located farther from the router. This is where long-range outdoor Wi-Fi […]

Best Wi-Fi Extender for Gaming

Online gaming indulgences are necessary to kill time, especially when you are home-bound and looking to break free from the monotony of professional tasks. However, before you invest time and effort into planning a home-centric online setup for a Massively Multiplayer Online game like World Of Warcraft, Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite, or […]