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Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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If your gaming keyboard has never gotten a compliment, then it’s time for a change and a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo is the best pick.

I’m sure you know that they give your gaming desk a tidier look, easily adaptable to different functions and activities plus they are very easy to carry around, giving you the flexibility that doesn’t force you to game only on your desks They are very sturdy and employ features that are highly functional. Being stylish with your gaming devices isn’t easy and that is why I decided to bring 3 of the best options to your doorstep and yeah, their connectivity is very strong and that is how they could locate you (lol, jk). Note, if you are looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard, check out that page.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Lexon Elec Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

With the features employed by Lexon Elec Wireless keyboard and Mouse Combo, you will discover swift moves you didn’t know existed.

This wireless keyboard and mouse share a fast and highly functional Nano receiver located at the bottom of the mouse and the duo can be used by turning on a switch. The keyboard uses 2.4 GHz USB wireless connection and has an inbuilt battery of 3000mAh. It goes into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

The stunning look of this keyboard is credited to it’s three rainbow backlit options that are easily adjustable for backlight brightness and breathing frequency. The keyboard is paired with a seven color led mute mouse that has a four speed adjustable DPI switch, a built-in battery capacity of 800mAh and six buttons with scroll wheels. It is designed with top notch electroplated double flank technology that feels good to touch.

Another wonderful feature of this keyboard is it’s floating keycap design on its 104 keys and several multimedia shortcuts, a charging cable and it’s phone holder. It also supports a light indicator for low battery on the mouse and keyboard. This wonderful gaming combo is ergonomically designed with a streamlined layout and  a removable hand wrist rest and has its functional components enclosed in a brushed aluminum panel that is durable and very sturdy.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a removable hand wrist rest and a phone holder
  • It employs a plug and play functionality
  • The mouse uses electroplated double flank technology


  • The mouse backlight color cannot be adjusted
  • The keyboard’s lighting option is very few

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Havit Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Muscle up with this 60% mechanical gaming board and programmable mouse. This compact keyboard employs brown switches on its 61 keys and has a durable and long lasting battery that can maintain power for up to 30 days even in off state.

It can be used In  both a wireless and a wired mode with the consent of a switch at the back of the keyboard. When the switch is off, the wired mode becomes activated with a USB Type C connection, and when the switch is on, the wireless mode takes the floor, connecting up to three devices at the same time. When on wireless mode, it uses Bluetooth 5.1 and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems, iOS, and Android.

The gaming mouse features an adjustable six DPI settings, the highest level being 4800. This wireless combo has very beautiful lighting effects, with the keyboard having 19 backlit modes and the mouse having 7 color effects. This combination creates a charming theme to your gaming arena that you cannot help but admire.

Pros and cons


  • Its dual mode allows for a wired and wireless connection
  • It is portable
  • It has backlighting options


  • The mouse is wired
  • The lights on the keyboard are not programmable

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Soke Six

Simple, aesthetically beautiful, and gamely is what this wireless keyboard and mouse whispers when you see it. It is well designed to withstand the fire and storms of intense gaming sessions.

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo features ultra wearable laser blue key characters that can be clearly seen even in the darkest hour of the day. It has a subtle ergonomic design that reduces hand and wrist fatigue that is common among dedicated gamers. The height of the keyboard can be adjusted to a more comfortable position to help you game all day. The wireless mouse that accompanies this wireless keyboard is what I’ll call a simple gaming weapon and with this duo, your gaming experience is about to be rewritten.

The mini optical mouse is well designed to fit perfectly with your hands and it has six buttons, a scroll wheel and a DPI switch. It goes into standby mode when it is not in use to save battery. This beautiful wireless keyboard and mouse combo doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity but uses a 2.4G USB wireless receiver that is located at the bottom in the groove at the bottom of the mouse. The duo is compatible with Windows, tablet PCs, and Android TV boxes. It is water resistant and has its features enclosed in a sturdy frame that is durable and sturdy.

Pros and Cons


  • The combo is water resistant
  • The height of the keyboard can be adjusted


  • It doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection
  • It is light weight

Check it out on Amazon


If you have not been gaming with a wireless combo, then it might be time for an upgrade. Not only are they a neater solution to your game troubles, their portability makes them the perfect choice for gaming anywhere, and anytime.

However if these options are not what you are looking for, there are more options available on Amazon.

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