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E-Element Z-88 Super Scholar Review

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All the RGB you could ask for!

Here is a link to it on Amazon:

Overall I do like this thing, I am typing on it right now!

However, there are better keyboards to be had, I picked the best ones here.

If you would like to read the auto generated text from the video, you are in luck! I have it right here:

all right so today we’re gonna review this beautiful keyboard it is it’s very interesting it’s a it’s one I found on Amazon I got it for Christmas it was nice to dad to receive I picked it because of the form factor and a few other things but I wanted to show you the box it comes in instructions it comes in kind of a weird box kind of a side evil the logo thing and a very random sticker throughout the packaging there’s a lot of Chinese so that may tell you a little bit about the origin let’s get in here let’s see if I can treat this thing like a monopod without dropping it so high probably one able to see it very well back there basically this is what we’re dealing with it actually looks pretty good right it’s got the the fun RGB thing everybody’s into these days but on so I don’t remember exactly what this form factor is called in terms of you see how it’s not the full ten keyless as I’m with the full-size right you’d have a over here you’d have the keypad thing but instead it’s like remove the keypad but still keep these keys that I personally use frequently home and page up page down and it likes a little teeth ring also delete I have that done so here it is and it looks good it’s not always stuck to that annoying rainbow pattern because who could get anything done looking at that all day also look at that look at that you go right there okay don’t don’t give up on me alright maybe we’ll cut that out maybe we’ll leave it in because it’s raw anyways so it comes with this awesome little user guide which I honestly had to break out again just because there’s there’s no there’s no real indication on how to change all the color stuff but it does have just have different lighting modes look at that you can plug in and play with this bad boy yeah so as you can see there’s there’s no indication that this comes with software you know I actually didn’t even look but I’m pretty sure that there’s no like onboard software that would control this same for you so here it is on Amazon I removed the price because I don’t know Amazon’s funny about affiliate stuff but I will link to this in the description so I would get a affiliate commission from that just to be fully transparent so if you buy it hey why not but if not no worries this is uh on Amazon’s title the e element Z 88 RGB mechanical keyboard blue switched out for the block so it comes with a few extra keys in here pretty standard and a key removal thing I won’t bother showing that because it’s it’s uh I mean it’s whatever not really showing so I will show you a few modes though because it’s cool it’s got um how do we do this function plus/minus to adjust the backlight color right seven different color options one weird thing that I noticed about this and I actually I will try and do this can I do this one hand maybe not function here we go so I’m also changing but basically it can go through so I can light up like that see you can do solid color I guess that was maybe a fading color or slightly pulsating I can’t even tell on the camera um you can do fun stuff whenever Easter colors this is for like if you push a key like pounds out from that whatever that’s called you got the RGB thing I guess that’s just nothing and then this is actually what I keep it at all the time it’s just solid green I also did that the mouse which I’ll do in another video but basically I do this hello green because greens awesome but also because if you do some of the other colors and I’ll try to do this real quick something like colors have like a trailing thing I don’t know how to explain it on a technical level I’m sure there’s a name for it but it’s basically where you like glance away real quick and out of the corner of your eye you can see that it’s not like the right refresh rate but you can see that it like trails I let’s see if the camera does it actually don’t know if that’ll work so to change colors what do we do function + – all right let’s go here function + + – I can see it on that one not that one okay let’s see which is the worst offender this is the worst offender I think this is supposed to be white I don’t know if the camera is picking that up this is really silly sorry for getting dizzy but um you can kind of see a trail yeah I think you can you can see a trail different colors like they’re not all refreshing at the same rate oh it’s it drives me crazy because normally I would put this at white but every time I glance up and down from the keyboard like up and down like you get that trail of color so that’s certainly something to watch out for with this keyboard but if you’re just doing like a different like solid blue green or red you’re probably gonna be ok with that weird nuance so like I said I just keep it green was the time I mean hey if I take it to a land party maybe I’ll I’ll rainbow it up or get the WASD thing going on yeah like I said I wanted this main the main feature of having this format in the keyboard the click Enis not bad it’s a little loud but they’re supposed to be blue style with that quotes there and I mean that’s that’s really about it it does have a nice removable you can you can see I’ve routed the cord through the desk here but it has a removable USB type not see you but being any or whatever I don’t know it plugs in there it comes undone that’s a nice feature I don’t think is I think special about the underside no you can see I’ll just take these off you can see the keys here I actually have a brown part on them so if you’re super into your mechanical keyboard and that means something to you other than sound then by all means that’s what it is got your other can use that are you know home surge play whatever have those little symbols it looks like they’re kind of lit up if you’re far back but I think that’s just thick the glare off of them they are not lit up they’re just painted on you also I guess you do have the brightness level indicators on these edges nice this I guess is maybe cycling through the colors anyways yeah you got Chinese you got English instructions if you’re looking for something it’s kind of compact still mechanically still kind of gamy and this is probably gonna be right up your alley so that being said thanks for watching and I really appreciate it link in the description to where you can get this product and also stay tuned because I’m going to be recording about this pretty sweet mouse over here right after this thanks guys

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