Add SSD To Laptop And Keep HDD.

Can I use SSD and HDD at the same time? Lots of people are confused about this question especially when building a computer for gaming. Can you have an SSD and an HDD on the same computer? The answer is absolutely yes. It is an excellent idea to use SSD and HDD at the same […]

External GPU Enclosure

Regardless of the portability and great features built into a laptop, their graphics processing power is not very reliable for high-end games and 3D applications. Of course, the computer graphics are sharp and stunning but it just cannot compete with the graphics performance of a desktop computer.  However, recent advancement in technology has improved the […]

Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Unlike other gaming accessories, your choice of a gaming laptop as a portable alternative to big, heavy, and space-consuming gaming PCs will determine to a large extent depends how thrilling your games will be. Having the right computer gaming laptop that is built with modern technologies puts you at an advantage with good gaming performance.  […]

Best Laptop For School and Games

After a hectic day dealing with school work, you just have to unwind and relax with a computer game but because most students can not afford two separate devices for gaming and school, it is only wise and cost-effective that they settle for one that can do both. Of course, the portability of laptops makes […]

Clone Laptop HDD To SSD

There is no better way to speed up and upgrade a laptop than to replace its mechanical drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive). Sure, you can defragment your hard drive in Windows 10, but it won’t improve your performance like an SSD would. It’s a no-brainer, but if the thought of reinstalling Windows 10 […]

Best Magnetic Micro USB Charger

USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus. A micro-USB charger is a small-statured USB charger, usually plugged in the micro USB port for charging the device and other purposes. Although micro-USB chargers are commonly used to charge smartphones, they are not limited to smartphones. With evolving technology, almost any device that requires charging, for […]

Best Microphone For Zoom Meetings

Web conferencing applications like Zoom are becoming more and more popular in remote working and work-from-home environments. But poor audio quality can quickly ruin any Zoom meeting. Incessant echo or excessive background noise results in poor sound quality that hampers communication and productivity. There are many companies out there and each of them produces mics […]

Best USB Microphone For Streaming

The best microphone for streaming and gaming will be different for each of us, but the quality is something we should all strive for. The microphones attached to the best computer gaming headsets will often suffice for gaming, but if you want crystal clear vocals for streaming or podcasting then operating the best standalone microphone […]

Best USB Microphone For Voice Over

Recording voiceovers is a serious career and passion for many, but without the proper microphone to capture the quality needed we’re essentially at a wash. You can choose either a stand power supply or what we love is either a microphone preamp or an audio interface. The benefits of these are unmatched and you simply […]

Best USB Microphone For Singing

There’s no doubt that today, USB microphones are more popular than ever. With home studios, podcasters, YouTubers, and many others. They have become standard tools of the trade. And while they aren’t quite at the level of professional recording microphones yet they get closer and closer with each passing day. Whether you’re starting a home […]

USB Universal Drive Adapter Kit

If you have been using PCs for a while, you likely have an old hard drive from previous computers sitting around. If you ever need to get at the data on an old drive, there’s an easy way to do so without mounting the drive inside your PC. These days gone are the hassle of […]

Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptop

Desktop remains the most used computer by gamers but sometimes users require something portable to move around with and this when a gaming laptop comes to play. In determining the bes13-inch gaming laptop it must offer a balance between portability and productivity. Another factor to consider is battery life. It is ideal for buying a […]