External GPU Enclosure

Regardless of the portability and great features built into a laptop, their graphics processing power is not very reliable for high-end games and 3D applications. Of course, the computer graphics are sharp and stunning but it just cannot compete with the graphics performance of a desktop computer.  However, recent advancement in technology has improved the […]

Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Unlike other gaming accessories, your choice of a gaming laptop as a portable alternative to big, heavy, and space-consuming gaming PCs will determine to a large extent depends how thrilling your games will be. Having the right computer gaming laptop that is built with modern technologies puts you at an advantage with good gaming performance.  […]

Best Laptop For School and Games

After a hectic day dealing with school work, you just have to unwind and relax with a computer game but because most students can not afford two separate devices for gaming and school, it is only wise and cost-effective that they settle for one that can do both. Of course, the portability of laptops makes […]

Best SSD to Speed up a Laptop

There is no better way to speed up and upgrade a laptop than to replace its mechanical drive with an SSD (Solid State Drive). Sure, you can defragment your hard drive in Windows 10, but it won’t improve your performance like an SSD would. It’s a no-brainer, but if the thought of reinstalling Windows 10 […]

Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptop

Desktop remains the most used computer by gamers but sometimes users require something portable to move around with and this when a gaming laptop comes to play. In determining the bes13-inch gaming laptop it must offer a balance between portability and productivity. Another factor to consider is battery life. It is ideal for buying a […]

SSD VS HDD Power Consumption

SSD is fast becoming the mainstay of the storage unit when it comes to computers and there are a couple of questions, as to why this is happening. The power-efficient nature of the computer SSD cards is one of the major reasons for the choice of SSD storage over HDD, the SSD storage uses less […]

Best Gaming Laptops For The Money

In determining the best gaming laptop it depends on the gamer and the genre of games the user wants to use the laptop for. Some hardware factors must be considered and they are: If the laptop can play and how well the laptop can play the latest games, Display, Sound quality, Keyboard, Trackpad, and Design […]

Best Computer For Mastercam

Mastercam is fast becoming one of the most reliable CAM/CAD solution providers, with a massive offering for the smooth operations of your CNC programming. It provides support from the design up to the production stage, giving you a great environment to transport your visual creations to reality. Similarly, the minimum processor requirement for this program […]

Best Computer For Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk inventor can be termed as the revolution in the design and creation environment, allowing for 2 and 3D data integration, in a single environment. This process allows CAD applications to run smoothly and in one environment. Moreover, just sometimes, the computer storage will add support to the graphics card and so they must be […]

Best Computer For Ark Survival Evolved

When it comes to gaming on a computer and the screen, you cannot agree less that speed is central and speed at this level is key. So, what are your options you may ask? We have a list of the top three computers know for optimal performance, in the game-playing environment and with such games […]

Best Computers For Star Citizen

With over $350 million raised through crowdfunding for the continual building of this great game, you can agree that Star Citizen enjoys the admiration and favor of its fan base which runs into millions of registered players. Interestingly, this computer game gives you an insight into what space looks like and this is one enthralling […]

Best Computer For Medical Billing And Coding

The invention of the computer and its introduction to the medical space has done great good to man, first, it has made diagnosing easy for doctors and medical consultants. As they can easily diagnose, and administer medications in a fast and reliable manner. The process is also automated and consumes less time. Secondly, it has […]