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Best Adhesive Cable Clips

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At home or in our offices, cables are just something that you’ll find somewhere, no matter how strict your no-cable policy is. Cables come in handy for multiple activities such as the transmission of signals, charging of phones, setting up a work or game station, etc.

Most times, they lie around harmless on the desk, but sometimes, they get in the way and cause tripping hazards in workplaces and at home, and in some situations, they do what they are good at – tangling.

A lot of cable organizers are available to help present a neat and today environment but some of them are either not very convenient for portability, or they are not suitable for specific surfaces such as glass because they require that you drill a hole on your table before you can use them. 

Adhesive cable clips are designed as a one-time cable organizer for all kinds of surfaces. They utilize strong adhesive to secure and hold cables to a fixed position on a surface to present a tidy workspace. They’re mostly reusable and easily portable, making them an all-time cable organizer both at home and at work.  

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Adhesive Cable Clips


Sinjimoru Adhesive Cable Clip

Magnetic Enabled Adhesive Cable Clip

The Sinjimoru adhesive cable clip is designed to hold cables bigger than 7mm in place to promote a tidy appearance and smooth workflow.

It is designed as a 3-piece magnetic cable clip that is suitable for holding cables such as Apple lightning cables, micro 5-pin USB cables, and Type C cables. 

It has a high-quality 3M adhesive with an exceptional magnetic function that stays firmly attached to any surface that is placed on.  It is reusable and leaves no residue behind when it is removed from a surface that it has been previously attached to. 

Despite being designed to hold thick cables, it can also hold thin cables that are between 2.6mm and 4.0mm by attaching an assistive silicon tube to the cable clip to securely hold the cable for a tidy appearance and smooth workflow.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes in 3 pieces.
  • It is suitable for caves that are between 2.6mm to 4.0mm.
  • Its magnetic feature uses a 3m adhesive base.


  • It does not hold ethernet cables.
  • It needs extra support for thin cables. 

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Envisioned Adhesive Cable Clips

3M Adhesive Cable Clip

The Envisioned adhesive cable clip is a pack of 50 high-quality cable clips and 10  reusable cable ties that are designed to be paired with the cable clips to securely hold the cables in place. 

The adhesive cable clips have a strapped design that makes organizing network cables,  audio cables, video cables, cable runs, network cables, power cords, desktop PC cable, Ethernet cable, Coax cable, etc much easier and more secure.  

It functions by placing the cables inside the clip and closing it to securely hold the cables. It can also be used in a multitude of settings such as Christmas lights, TV cables, data centers, homes, and at work. 

The Envisioned adhesive cable clips are  highly suitable for cables that are 3/4 “ X 3/4″ and its large size compatibility makes it suitable to support larger bundles of cables at the same time to improve office organization and appearance.  Its base is textured with a strong 3M adhesive that makes it easy to mount on multiple smooth surfaces.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with ten reusable cable ties.
  • It has a strong 3M adhesive base.
  • It can be used to hold a large number of cables together.


  • It is not suitable for single cables.
  • It has few cable ties. 

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Delidigi Adhesive Cable Clip

High-Quality Adhesive Cable Clip

This adhesive cable clip is designed to securely hold cables that are less than 7mm such as charging cables, headphone cables, mouse cables audio cables, computer wires, and USB cables amongst others.

It has a strong 3M adhesive that makes it stick to smooth surfaces such as a wall, plastic, wood glass, metal, or rubber. It is made with soft silicone and can hold three different cords in place while maintaining good elasticity when working. 

Despite the strong adhesive base that it uses to clip cables together, it can be easily removed without any trace of residue, and this makes it an easy go-to solution for clipping cables on all kinds of surfaces. 

The Delidigi adhesive cable clip comes with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-months replacement warranty. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is suitable for small cables.
  • It is made of silicone and high-quality adhesive.
  • It can hold multiple cables at the same time.


  • It can not hold thick cables. 
  • The number of cables that it can hold is limited. 

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There are lots of cable management accessories that are used to prevent cable tangling and they employ different techniques in securing cables. However, adhesive cable clips are preferred because they provide a long-lasting hold on the cables and can be removed without causing damage to the surface that has been previously attached to them.  

I hope that the contents of this article were helpful in your search for an adhesive cable clip, but if you still want to search for more options, you’ll find them on

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