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Heated Floor Mat Under Desk

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In tropical areas especially during winter, keeping warm is sacrosanct.  Warmth is important especially when it is cold and chilly. There are ways of keeping warm with a perfect balance of temperature and humidity.

The heated floor mat saves energy and keeps the room warm. It reduces high electricity costs, that is, it is ten times more efficient and safer than a space heater with no carbon monoxide risk. Heated floor mats are waterproof because they are made of waterproof, sealed, and insulated rubber. It can also be used for drying wet shoes, boots, and socks.

The hydronic system makes use of water and antifreeze. It can be used as a single source that helps in managing energy. The Electrical system uses non-corrosive and flexible heating elements such as cables, carbon films, bronze mesh, and presented-formed cable. It is simple to install, unlike the Hydronic system. 

What is a Heated Mat?

A heated mat is a thin electric heating cable played to know a self-adhesive glass fiber mesh which is very durable and thin. The heating cable is flat with a thickness of 2× 3 mm. The purpose of heated mats is for direct heating of the room. It encompasses warm footpads which are made of materials with healing properties that keep the toes warm.

It keeps the feet warm even without removing shoes. The heating pads are water-resistant and high-temperature resistant which makes it give superb heat transfer performance.

It mostly comes with non-slip particles on the back to prevent the mat from moving when in use. It uses little energy compared to space heaters. It is easy to move and can be rolled up. The default temperature of the heated floor mat is 115°F and the heat can go off automatically by default after 3 hours.

The foam cushion of the mat can provide some massage functions which gives more comfort to the user. It can be adjusted accordingly, unlike the traditional heaters which can only work for two hours and do not provide the required warmth needed and it also blow air around which can make the room stuffy 

Heated floor mats provide direct, absorbed heat to a person’s feet. They are a safe and affordable way to stay warm and cozy especially for basements, offices, cold floors, and so on. It doesn’t use a lot of energy.

The heated Floor Mat uses just 90-135 watts which offers dependable heat. It produces heat through thermal radiation. It provides indirect and diffused heat from the floor up.

The radiation transmits the thermal energy in the air through electromagnetic waves. However, these waves contain potential energy for as long as they remain unbothered. Once they hit an obstacle, they release their energy in the form of heat through the material to the floor. A person can feel the direct heat even when the surrounding air temperature is low.

It offers direct heat to the feet and legs which provides adequate warmth. Also, as the feet absorb the warm heat, blood circulates from the feet to other parts of the body which warm up the entire body. Heated floor mats are made from heavy-duty rubber, which makes these mats waterproof and offer direct, gentle heat. It can also be used for drying shoes and boots and can be used outdoors as well.

Pros and Cons


  • It saves money by keeping the thermostat lower
  • It uses similar voltage to a light bulb
  • It can heat up to 125 F or 49 C 


  • It can not be used on carpets
  • It can not be used directly on wood floors

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Heating pads first came in the form of a rubber water bottle, and when it is heated, it is then placed on a strained or injured muscle to provide relief and it is known not as the hot water bottle as it has been in existence since the early 16th century. A hot water bottle was filled with burning coals, which were used to warm a bed.

The main difference between the hot water bottle and the electrical heating pads is in the versatility and convenience. The electric heating pads came into existence around the 1900s and were originally introduced as bed warmers that could be fitted under a sheet that provides warmth throughout the night.

 It leads us to the floor heating system. There are two types of floor heating systems; heating mats and heating cable. The heating mats are used for shaped areas where the mats can be rolled across the floor.

It can be used with floor types that are compatible with underfloor heating.  Heating may be installed directly on a plywood subfloor and can be used as a primary heat source. It is evenly spaced with pressure-sensitive adhesive which binds the mat to the floor and keeps it flat. It also allows for easy reposition when needed. 

A floor heating system provides heat directly to the floor or panels in the walls or the ceilings of a house. It is preferable to baseboard heating or forced air heating.  It uses the electric system or hydronic system.

The electric system is strictly used for heating while the hydronic system is used when space cooling is required. It can be placed under the floor covering.

The purpose of heated floor mats under the desk is to provide warmth while working because comfort is a necessity when it comes to working. The fact that it saves the cost of energy also makes it a better option than other types of heating systems. The water-resistant nature of the heated floor mat makes it more attractive and durable because it alienates any fear of electric shock when in use. Heated floor mats are safer and economical.

These mats come with an inbuilt thermostat that maintains the perfect temperature. It can be used anywhere that is cold for example basements, garages, industrial locations, warehouses, offices, homes. It also has anti-fatigue benefits. Heated floor mats are portable and light-weight and have a 5 ft. cord. To see other options, visit


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