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Currently ranked among the top 20 most visited websites in the world, Reddit has grown to be a very interactive community where specific topics are discussed under sub-communities that are identified as subreddits. 

Over a hundred thousand subreddits are dedicated to various topics where experts share and exchange knowledge on specific topics. Having a suitable computer to view the information shared in these subreddits has proven useful to individuals seeking expert advice and specific topics. 

The relevance of the information shared on a particular topic is sometimes subjected to votes and criticism to highlight the answer’s authenticity. 

Our Top 6 Picks For The Best Computer Subreddit



This subreddit has 22.6 million subscribers committed to creating an interactive community that comprises articles and general discussions and opinions on games such as video games, board games, and card games.  It is a great community for seeking opinions on newly launched games, reviews on gaming accessories, and other issues that are strictly related to games.

r/ technology

Having almost 8 million subscribers, this subreddit is dedicated to innovations and current information related to the growth and development of technology. It creates a stage where the opinions of experts in technologically related fields could be sought after.

The information shared on this page is highly intelligible and authentic because most of its followers are very knowledgeable on most of the questions asked because of the popularity of the subject niche. ( technology)


 Android Operating Systems is one of the devices whose usage comes with many questions before it can be fully optimized for high-end performance.

This subreddit community has over 1.7 million subscribers that are dedicated to discussing everything about Android and its operating systems and how its features can be fully optimized for excellent output

r/ buildingapc 

 This subreddit has over 1.5 million followers flocking in to seek same-minded people’s opinions and advice in building a computer. Building a computer from scratch or trying to fix something that got broken in a computer can be quite tasking and challenging if you do not have a guide to interact with you and answer all your questions.

A wonderful thing about this subreddit is that the different opinions and knowledge shared on a particular topic are elaborate and provide an informative and educative guide on building a PC, the components that will work better, and how they should be assembled for optimal performance.


This subreddit community is dedicated to providing information on the basics of programming with the help of its one million followers. Its contents are helpful for people that are new to programming and want to improve their efficiency in programming languages.  Its platform provides a common umbrella for experts and newbies in the programming field. 


Apple products form a good percentage of the biggest sales on technology via diverse shipping platforms. Apart from the affluence and class, they are loved for their customizable features and this amongst other viable reasons has led to their growth of almost one million followers on this subreddit community. This subreddit is dedicated to sharing information and providing tech support to users of Apple products in their diverse models


Being a broad platform, you can easily spend time on it without achieving anything significant for the day. That is why I thought it wise to bring the best 6 computer subreddits based on the number of subscribers, quality of contents, and popularity among users.

Favour Etim

Years of hard work, research, and internship in technologically and computer-related fields have helped Etim Favour to produce informative and engaging writings on computers and technology-related products. When Favour is not writing, you’ll find her answering questions to help gamers and office workers to build the best battlestation/workstation.

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