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Best Gaming Chair With Speakers

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A comfortable gaming chair that is designed to produce immersive gaming sounds can create an atmosphere that can be likened to a gaming paradise where nothing but you and your games exist. 

Gaming chairs with integrated speakers are one of the mind-blowing innovations that technology has gifted gamers. These gaming chairs are gradually replacing the need for headphones during your game sessions.

While you might think that comfort and durability were traded for the high-quality speakers that these chairs boast of, the answer is a big NO! These gaming chairs are ergonomically inclined, well-cushioned, and made with durable materials that serve you faithfully while you secure countless wins in your games. 

If you’re searching for a durable and highly functional gaming chair that has speakers that produce game-worthy sounds, then check out our top 3 picks for the best taking chairs with speakers. 

Our Top 3 Pick For The Best Gaming Chair with Speakers


X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair with Pedestal Base and Speakers

This X Rocker gaming video chair is designed with breathable, skin-friendly mesh fabric and a high back with lumbar support and armrests that make the chair comfortable even during long hours of use. This gaming chair has a firm pedestal base that allows for tilt and swivel. The back of the chair can also be folded to save space.

This gaming chair incorporates a well defined and clear audio transmission that includes a 2.1 sound system with two speakers that are well-positioned at the two corners of the headrest, and a four inches subwoofer in the outer part of the backrest that produces a low rumble that assists immensely in intensifying the sounds of the game or movie.

It also features a control panel that includes separate volume and bass controls and input and output jacks for connecting to audio sources to produce a multi-game sound theme.  

This gaming chair also features a built-in Bluetooth receiver that enables the chair to play on an audio wireless level with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as a computer, iPad, or iPhone. The X rocker 2.1 wireless gaming video chair is easy to clean and compatible with several gaming devices.

Pros and Cons


  • It can hold a maximum weight of 275lbs.
  • It has a pedestal base.
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth receiver that is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.


  • It is expensive.
  • It is very heavy.

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X Rocker Pro Series H3 Video Gaming Chair

Floor Level Gaming Chair with Speakers

The X Rocker Pro Series H3 wireless gaming chair is designed for regular and professional gamers that crave comfort and premium sounds while gaming.

Its wireless audio transmission employs a 4.1 sound system with four forward-facing speakers near the headrest and subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s innovative audio force modulation technology to produce and modify heavy bass sounds to accentuate your games. 

This gaming chair also has vibration motors that synchronize with bass tones to create a mind-blowing audio experience. It also features a control panel by the side that allows for easy control of the volume, bass, band switch, input, and an output jack for connecting with other X rocker chairs multiplayer game sessions.

This gaming chair is sturdy and has an ergonomic design that incorporates a high back, headrest, well-padded seats, and armrests for a comfortable gaming session with a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs. The chair can also be folded for easy storage and portability. Its upholstery vinyl cover makes it easy to clean and skin-friendly, allowing for comfortable long hours of use.  

Pros and Cons


  • It can support a maximum weight of 275lbs.
  • Its upholstery vinyl cover makes it easy to clean.
  • It has four speakers. 


  • The position of the arms is fixed.
  • It does not have a pedestal base

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Budget Floor Gaming Chair with Speakers

X Rocker 2 Wireless SE 2.1 Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair

This gaming chair is designed with two speakers and a subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s innovative audio force modulation technology to magnify the quality of the sounds and intensify the audio and media experience produced while using this gaming chair.

It also boasts of a control panel that includes a separate volume base, and an input/output jack for connecting the speakers to other X rocker chairs for a thrilling multi-player gaming experience. 

Another feature of this gaming chair is its inbuilt wireless router that also functions as a receiver to transmit sounds from any source with a headset through an RCA output with the provided cables to the gaming chair.

It also functions via two speakers that are positioned near the headrest and a four inches subwoofer positioned in the outer part of the backrest.

The X Rocker 2 wireless SE video gaming chair is covered with high-quality faux leather and well cushioned with extra-large seats to provide unparalleled comfort while gaming.

It has a high back that can be folded for easy storage and portability and armrests that can be easily flipped for comfort. It is very sturdy and built to hold a maximum weight of 240lbs.

Pros and Cons


  • It is well cushioned and covered in faux leather.
  • Its maximum weight capacity is 240lbs.
  • Its audio system uses a unique technology to magnify and intensify the gaming sounds. 


  • It has no pedestal base.
  • It is barely compatible with Xbox one. 

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A gaming chair with speakers offers an immersive gaming experience with its thrilling game-worthy sounds and it is a big upgrade from the regular gaming chair that you’re used to. 

Although the selected gaming chairs are from the same brand, they are all functional and deliver the comfort, sound, and durability advertised by the brand.

I hope that this article helped you find a gaming chair with speakers that suits you well. If you still want to browse for more options, you can find them on

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