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Best Gaming Mouse for Mac

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I’ll say it again, having a Mac operating system is very cool but when it comes to finding compatible accessories for it, then you might start thinking about the reasons that influenced your choice for a Mac. Now, to the next most asked question might be is a gaming mice for Mac? The answer is yes!

Although, the difficulty in getting one can be attributed to the theory of people not playing games on a Mac as often as they do on a PC. If you’re bent on enjoying the gaming capabilities that can be enabled on your Mac, then you have to get a gaming mouse for it.

Gaming on a Mac is a very nice idea and can be very thrilling only if you have the right gaming mouse. To help with this, I joined forces with some gaming pros and compiled the 3 best gaming mouse options for Mac. The selected options are responsive with additional features that can function efficiently on a Mac. Feel free to browse through them.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Gaming Mouse For Mac


Logitech MX Master Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Play your games without any feeling of entanglement by checking out the features offered by the Logitech MX master. This mouse operates at an alarming speed that is precise and very accurate. Its 2.4GHz wireless network can be connected to three computers simultaneously and it can also perform regular mouse functions effectively and yes, it is compatible with Mac operating systems, Windows, and Linux.

Simply connect via Bluetooth or the included USB receiver and use on any surface and this includes a glass surface (incredible right?). The Logitech MX Master wireless gaming mouse is five times more precise than a regular gaming mouse and it uses a 4000 dpi sensor with a rechargeable battery that can last up to seventy days if fully charged.  The shape of this mouse is an eye-catcher for gamers. It has an electro-magnetic and speed adaptive scroll wheel and an advanced thumbwheel that is built from machined steel.

Pros and Cons


  • Each button on this mouse can be customized
  • The mouse sensors can track on glass surfaces
  • The battery charges fast and last very long


  • It is expensive
  • The side buttons might take some time to get used to

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Kayinow Wired Gaming Mouse

Wired Gaming Mouse

Standing as an alternative for a wireless gaming mouse for Mac is the Kayinow wired gaming mouse. It employs laser technology that works on virtually all surfaces and provides a smooth tracking for games. Its frame has a four-layer coating that is skin-friendly and nice to touch. The design on the frame is attractively game-spirited and does not fade.  It also has a seven-color RGB lighting that can be customized to light up simultaneously to provide a charming atmosphere for your gaming experience. 

For a faster and more efficient gaming session, this mouse is customized with six buttons that function as the left, right, forward, backward, the scroll wheel, and a dpi switch. 

These buttons can be reprogrammed to suit the demands and specifications of the user for a swifter and more responsive mouse session. Another outstanding feature of this gaming mouse is the ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable for long hours of a gaming session. Another eye-catcher featured by this gaming mouse is the metal flanking chassis that makes it shockproof, crash-bearable, and very sturdy.

It is widely compatible with Mac and Windows as well as Linux and Chromebook and functions with a plug and play design that requires no additional driver. As a guarantee of that, this mouse has a warranty of one year that covers damages and any perceived malfunctioning by the user.

Pros and Cons


  • It has six customizable buttons
  • It has seven  RGB lightings
  • It uses laser technology and can track on any kind of surface


  • It has a short cable
  • It can be considered heavy

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BenQ Zowie EC1-A

Esports Gaming Mouse

Comfortably lying on your desk is a gaming mouse that has all the added advantages to facilitate a game on a Mac Operating System. Its size is fit for all types of hands and has a durable and easy to hold frame. The Zowie EC1-A-E is facilitated by a plug and play design and requires no additional driver or software.

It employs a four-speed adjustable dpi that ensures accurate movement and optimized responsiveness for fast and competitive gaming. It also allows for easy adjustment of the USB report rate from 125 to 1000Hz. This mouse is highly functional and provides tactile feedback without the possible occurrence of double-clicking. This mouse is also available in different sizes and each has the same sleek design that is perfect for tracking smoothly on any game optimized surface.

Pros and Cons


  • It employs a plug and play design
  • The USB report rate can be adjusted
  • It has a four-speed adjustable dpi setting


  • It is outdated in certain areas when compared to a modern gaming mouse
  • The buttons cannot be customized

Check it out on Amazon


I really hope this guide proved very helpful in purchasing a gaming mouse that is very compatible with your Mac and you’re a few steps from having a Mac gaming mouse that works best for you.

If for some reason these did not meet your needs, there are more options you can check out on Amazon.

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