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Heat is an enemy of any good laptop, and this can effect on the longevity of the laptop. It can often crash when overheating; and this situation can be pathetic, especially when you have saved progress on your favorite games and other important files you will want to keep for a long time.

A laptop cooling pad is a helpful and perfect tool to handle your laptop overheating issues, and save your device from being uncomfortably warm. This will also keep you away from a crash, as a laptop-cooling pad will provide adequate airflow for your laptop.

While laptops are today thinner with more innovations being birthed to make this possible, the downside is the absence of cooling options for these laptops.

If you are in doubt on the right choice of cooling pad for your laptop or lost in thoughts, this article is put together for you. Our top 3 picks of laptop cooling pads will offer you the needed guidance on a choice, that meets your needs.

Our Top 3 Picks For the Best Laptop Cooling Pad


Kootek Cooling Pad Chill Mat 5

The Kootek cooling pad is first on our list for a host of reasons; it can be best described as the king of cooling pads, with its highly impressive features and unique functions.

Equipped with five active fans, the Kootex cooling pad delivers impressive cooling for your laptop and helps your device stay free from the heat that may affect its productivity. Another great take-home of the Kootek cooling pad is its versatility, affording you the luxury to switch some fans off or have one or all five fans working at the same time.

You can easily select your preferred height and adjust the pad to just any size and height you may desire for your comfort, as the pad allows you to select from six different height settings.

Laptops between the ranges of 12 inches to 17 inches are well accommodated by the Kootek cooling pad and give adequate protection to your laptop ensuring it does not slide off. This cooling pad has two USB ports and allows you to connect with your other devices. Weighing just 2.52 pounds, carrying your Kootek cooling pad around, will not be an issue.

Pros and Cons


  • An impressive amount of cooling
  • Different height selection
  • Is equipped with 5 fans


  • The cooling pad drains the laptop battery
  • Weighs a bit heavy

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Havit HV-F2056 Slim Portable Cooling Pad

The ultra-slim feature of the Havit cooling pad is a major plus which makes this product a must-have, it redefines the narrative that cooling pads should be large to represent the function they perform. Equipped with three fans, the Havit cooling pad provides adequate airflow to your laptop and save you from heat.

The metal mesh design provides for a suitable wear-resistant surface and a perfect layer of extra support for your laptop against wear and tear. You can easily adjust the heights and play around it until you get that perfect height you need for work or gaming with your laptop. There are USB ports for extra connections and a dedicated power switch.

There is minimum noise generation with this cooling pad and you can easily have it packed and carried around, as it is slim and weigh much lesser than the Kootek cooling pad.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-slim design
  • Equipped with 3 cooling fans
  • Dedicated on/off switch


  • Suitable for 15.5-17 inch laptops only
  • The dazzling led light indicators cant be switched off

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Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad

When it comes to versatility the Aicheson laptop cooling pad is best at it, as it allows you adjust the position of your pad to any angle of your choice, ranging from 0°, 7°, 14°, and a host of positions you can adopt for your work and gaming needs.

The anti-slip grip is an amazing feature of the Aicheson laptop-cooling pad as it gives your laptop adequate protection and ensures it does not slip off; there is adequate protection from scratch as the bottom of the Aicheson laptop-cooling pad is built with comfort and luxury in mind.

The Iron hack that comes with the Aicheson cooling pad provides a strong grip for your laptop, as it can hold weight up to 100 pounds. It is compatible with laptops of all sizes and weight and provides high adjustability. The five fans on the Aicheson cooling pad ensures your laptop is protected from heat and your comfort is guaranteed when you work or game.

Pros and Cons


  • Portable ultra-slim design
  • USB enabled
  • Adequate protection for the laptop


  • Lack of adequate airflow
  • Short USB cords

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The high adjustability of the Aicheson cooling pad makes it ideal for use, and may easily get the eyes. The all-around complete features of the Kootek cooling pad make it the best cooling pad on this list and will guarantee the best comfort and functions for your laptop.

The Kootek cooling pad is our top pick on this list and we believe you are armed with just enough information needed to make a perfect pick on the best cooling pad for your laptop. If this list did not satisfy you, feel free to look at other cooling pad options available on Amazon.

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