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Best Magnetic Micro USB Charger

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USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus. A micro-USB charger is a small-statured USB charger, usually plugged in the micro USB port for charging the device and other purposes. Although micro-USB chargers are commonly used to charge smartphones, they are not limited to smartphones.

With evolving technology, almost any device that requires charging, for instance, cameras and GPS devices utilize computer micro-USB chargers. How a micro USB works are that, when plugged into a source of power like a wall electric socket, power is transferred through the micro-USB cord to charge the device.

A magnetic USB charger, also known as Magnetic Charging Cable is one cable for all devices that allows you to use only one cable to charge many devices; iPhone, Android, or USB C.

With it, you don’t need to move around with different chargers for your different devices. Other great features of the magnetic USB charger are; durability, flexibility, fast charging, and supporting data transfer between phone and laptop.

Our Top 3 Picks for Best Magnetic Micro USB charger


Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Micro USB Charger

Quick Charging Magnetic Micro USB Charger

The Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Charging Micro USB Charger is the most versatile on our list. It comes in a one-pack or a three-pack. So whether it is only one or multiple devices that you want to charge, it works.

The cables come in red, green, or dark grey, affording a good match for any color of your device. It has a fast-charging performance, at 3.0 amps, which is the average for a USB charger, and can charge most smartphones at full power.

This cable has a Micro USB tip which is incompatible with Motorola devices, due to Motorola’s undersized ports; it also has USB Type-C and Mini USB tips.

The cord when used for data transfer, provides a maximum rate of 480 Mbps. The tips function as a dust cover. The cables are eye-friendly and support low visibility; as each tip and on it, a pair of blue LEDs aid their easy finding in a dark place. This makes them a good choice when driving, and even for the visually impaired.

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of cable colors.
  • Affords quick charging.
  • Tips act as a dust cover.


  • Incompatible with Motorola devices.
  • Expensive.

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NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Charger

Anti twist Design Magnetic Micro USB Charger

The NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Charger is a universal cable that comes in multiple options. It can be bought in a one, two, or three-pack. If you’re trying to charge multiple devices and want a plug-and-play option, the three-pack is a great option.

It allows you a choice of style in terms of color as it comes in silver, black, or grey to match the color of your device. The cable in the charger is 3.3 feet in length, though short for some uses, but good enough for most people.

The charging is very stable and the strong magnet allows you to easily detach it from the connector, which can be very helpful if you need to take your phone while you are driving your car.

The insulation has carbon fiber, an anti-twist design; an amazing feature especially if you’re worried about your micro USB charger tangling or kinking.

If the cable gets twisted up, it’s easy to untangle with just a few twists of your fingers. Charging performance is good, as the cable delivers 9 volts of power at a rate of two amps.

Though not a quick charger, it meets manufacturer specs for charger standards. You can charge your iPhone X in about two hours, or your Samsung Galaxy S10 in about the same time.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Anti-twist design.
  • Good charging performance.


  • Short cable.
  • No quick charging.

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Topk USB Magnetic Micro USB Charger

Easy Cable Management Magnetic Micro USB Charger

The TOPK USB Magnetic Micro USB Charger comes in a three-chord pack, making it a good fit for multiple devices. First, a 3.3-foot cable, useful for phone charging and other necessary matters.

Next, is a similar 3.3-foot design, but with a 90-degree tip, which aids easy charging, if cable management is an issue. Lastly, a 6.6-foot cable with a similar 90-degree tip allows for AC chargers and other long-distance applications.

Its QC 2.0 fast charging mechanism makes it more effective. There are Micro USB, Mini USB, and USB Type-C tips respectively, with the Mini USB tip being limited in usage, unlike the other two.

Interestingly, the tips also help to protect it from dust, giving the cables an assurance of long life, preventing the cables from getting clogged and failing in an emergency. It has a nylon braided construction and comes with all the bells and whistles we expect from Magnetic chargers.

The Micro USB connector and the Right Angle on the cable head are good for gaming controllers like PS4 and Xbox One, while the lightning connector serves Apple products well.

In terms of charging performance, the TOPK USB Magnetic Micro USB Charger performs reasonably, with a maximum power delivery of 5 volts at 2.4 amps; leaving you with 12 watts of charging power. The result of which is that you can charge most modern smartphones in about 2 ½ hours. Though not superb, it is very good as it meets most people’s charging needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Built-in LED.
  • Tips function as a dust cover.
  • Easy cable management.


  • The limited application for the mini USB.
  • No fast charging performance.

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We conclude with the Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Micro USB Charger as the best of the three because of its amazing features that make it suitable for most everyday charging purposes, NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Charger ranking next on the list, has equally excellent features though with a shorter cable, it is sold at a more affordable price.

The key difference between them is that the Digital Ant Gen-X Magnetic Micro USB Charger has one-pack and three-pack versatility. The two magnetic micro USB chargers share similar features like multiple colors, suitability for almost all purposes, anti-twist design, and tips that serve as a dust cover. To see similar products, visit


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